Results for Green Party candidates in key races

  • Raymond Blackwell, Syracuse, New York school board 7% (fifth place — top four elected)
  • Frank Cetera, Syracuse, New York city council 21% (three-way race)
  • Kenneth Collins, New Jersey Assembly, District 24 4% (five-way race)
  • Kristin Combs, Philadelphia city council 1% (12th place — top seven elected)
  • Trahern Crews, St. Paul, Minnesota city council 14% (two-way race)
  • Caleb Duncan, Syracuse, New York school board 6% (sixth place — top four elected)
  • Darlene Elias, Holyoke, Massachusetts city council 1,836 (10th place — top six elected)
  • Howie Hawkins, Syracuse, New York auditor 35% (two-way race)
  • Rob Korobkin, Portland, Maine city council 28% (three-way race)
  • Tom MacMillan, Portland, Maine mayor 10% (three-way race)
  • Molly O’Brien, New Jersey Assembly, District 17 3% (five-way race)
  • Rich Siegel, Bergen County, New Jersey freeholder 2% (five-way race)
  • Jeff Staples, Virginia House of Delegates, District 81 30% (two-way race)
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    1. It was Honor to have been part Darlene Elias campaign and I want to thank the green rainbow party they was very helpful Joyce fortune and her family was amazing she also is green rainbow party member thank you very much for evrething power to people.@@

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