Stein says her campaign can be “Plan B” for Sanders supporters

11796216_1002418086465048_1439442244661697614_n.jpg_1718483346On its website, teleSUR interviews Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein about her campaign.

Stein told teleSUR, “The Democratic Party is not going to allow Bernie Sanders to squeak through, so where would we be if we don’t have a Plan B? When Bernie gets knocked out of contention, there would be no place for people to go if not for our campaign. The difference between our campaign and Bernie’s is that we’re not looking for the Democratic Party to save us. We are establishing an independent base for political resistance where we can continue to grow, because there is no relief on the horizon and we need to get busy right now building the lifeboat we’ll need to rescue ourselves and our children.”


  1. I am a supporter of Bernie, and thought of plan B a few weeks ago. Two days I heard that I’m not alone, that plan B has legs already, I was so excited that I sent am impulsive message to the Jill Stein campaign just to celebrate.

    Here’s why it makes sense: Bernie is our hope of changing the system from within, but it might be true that it just won’t happen. Jill represents a third party that would change the system from without in ways that are just as good. All of us together might not amount to enough votes to elect either of them, but we will be heard like never before. This might have the effect of having to suffer another Republican presidency, but that would be only marginally worse than a Hillary presidency anyway. We would be antagonized in all the usual ways but the DNC will know they ignored us one too many times. My hope, in that scenario, is that they will be just as devastated as the Republican Party is now, because the two parties are just the left and right wings of a predatory eagle trained to impoverish the many for the wealth of the few.

    For the Primary election, I would ask that Green Party people consider banding with us in our efforts to have Bernie as the Democratic nominee. I realize that would pit him and Jill against each other in the General, but if we want to at least make strides in this election cycle, I think my proposal has merit.

    Oh, the reason for my excitement is that I think there is a real chance that we may actually get our first female President and simultaneously bitch-slap Hillary Clinton. And there’s all those good policies too!

    • No way. I fell for Kucinich’s blandishments about “change from within” once upon a time. The corrupt Dem machine got more of my time and money, and I got egg on my face.

      I’m not interested in returning to the DP fold for so much as another ten minutes. They’re bullies and cowards. If Sanders wants to be part of that, I want no part of him.

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