Boston Globe on Stein: “An American Campaigns for President in Paris”

Jill_Stein_OWS_S17The Boston Globe has a story on Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s attendance at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris under the headline “An American Campaigns for President in Paris”.

The Globe writes that according to Stein, “it’s more ‘strategic’ to campaign halfway across the world than in her own backyard, where the lens of the country’s media is trained on New Hampshire with its first-in-the-nation primary in early February.” Commenting on other alternative candidates who have placed their names on the New Hampshire ballot, she said, “These folks are using the machine parties, and they may be libertarian or totally independent or switching around, but they are hanging their hats inside of the machines which gives them the right to be on the ballot.”

Stein added, “The system is very biased against independent voices. The rules in New Hampshire speak volumes for the hurdles put in the way of independent candidates to reach out to voters.”


  1. The article makes two superb points. The Green Party should be running statewide candidates in New Hampshire. It takes 4% of the vote in a statewide race (Governor or US Senate for example) in New Hampshire to win ballot status for the Green Party in New Hampshire.

    Green Party candidates for US President should be in New Hampshire campaigning to take advantage of the national media looking for a story.

  2. I think Dr. Stein would counter that filing to run in the New Hampshire primary (presumably though not necessarily as a Democrat) would undercut her desire to build the Greens as an alternative party. There is no Green Party presidential primary in New Hampshire.

  3. Green Party candidates should not run in the two larger parties primaries – in my opinion.
    Dr. Stein, and other Green Party presidential candidates like Dr. Bill Kreml, Dr. Kent Mesplay, Ms SKCM Curry, and Darryl Cherny should be in New Hampshire campaigning. The media is looking for a presidential story. The Green Party candidates should go to New Hampshire. Seek out the media. Find the media at the two larger party campaign events. Make the Green Party, and their Green Party campaigns part of the narrative, part of the story. That’s all I’m suggesting. Take your Green Party campaign their and get in front of the camera and the reporters. You can be sure it’s a fresh Green Party story worth telling. Those reporters are bored by the corporate candidates by now.
    Give them Greens and positive Green New Deal eco jobs stories, comments, sound bites to cover and us.

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