Curry creates new presidential campaign Facebook page

curryGreen Party presidential candidate Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry has created a new Facebook page for her presidential campaign, as well as a campaign Facebook group.

She writes, “Greetings, brothers, sisters, and otherwise! Thank you all for liking and engaging with Sedinam Christin Moyowasifza-Curry as she seeks the Green Party nomination for President. All of your support is greatly appreciated!”

Darryl Cherney, who will formally enter the Green Party presidential race next month and who said on Facebook this week that he will run, posted, “I am so glad you’re running. I look forward to our future encounters. In my vision, you are meant to run. Thank you for your perspective and spirit.”


  1. This anti-semite is an absolute embarrassment. The fact that the Green leadership have not thrown her out of the running shows that the Party is not serious.

    • Thank you for reading, and for your comment.

      The Green Party of the United States has certain set standards for candidates to be considered qualified to seek the presidential nomination. These essentially require a certain number of Green Party members to support a candidate’s inclusion. The GPUS does not discriminate between nomination candidates based on their views or any other standard. Activists, primary voters, and convention delegates will determine which candidates best represent the GPUS message, and which do not.

    • I had not heard this before (she is not well known). Could you provide a citation or other explanation?

      • Amy Goodman invited Jill Stein, along with some other guests on the general left, to be on her show. Curry threw a fit, felt that all five GP candidates who have done much other than post on Facebook should also be invited. This was absurd. Goodman can invite anyone she wants to invite. Curry accused Goodman of conspiring with Stein, “Jewish, female white privilege”. It is outrageous that nutty Curry is not booted for her despicable antisemitism. The GP has an obligation to be committed to anti-racism. They need to boot Curry. They have not even condemned it. In fact, some of the leadership have supported her in light of this.

        • SKCM Curry has several hours of her speeches and debating on video available to find. In it she advocates for the 10 key values and Black Lives Matter…. bringing the Green Party’s values and message to those activists. I don’t know her, but in none of the video does she seem anything except anti-racist. I’m not saying Justice is wrong about that one incident, although I don’t know how one would know about it. But it sounds like a really, really minor thing. She’s an activist. The Green Party should be very glad to have such an activist want to be aligned with the Greens. I think she’d be a great standard bearer/Presidential candidate.

  2. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry brings a unique voice to the Green Party 2016 presidential nomination contest. I know her. I respect her courage. I admire her political gifts. SKCM Curry is a powerful Green Party speaker. Ms Curry advocates Green Party values of nonviolence, and positive Green Party Green New Deal eco jobs for the economy solutions.

  3. “The GPUS does not discriminate between nomination candidates based on their views or any other standard.”

    I’m sure you don’t mean that. This is like saying (admitting?) that GPUS doesn’t stand for anything. Could you please rephrase this and clarify your position?

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