Gray Whann registers Green in advance of Glens Falls, New York mayoral run

redesign 4 - patti whannNew York’s Glens Falls Post-Star reports that Patti Gray Whann, a former Republican candidate for local office who had recently been registered with not party, has registered with the Green Party “as she solidified her decision to run for Glens Falls mayor in 2017.”

She said, “To be a registered independent, you’re not a party and you have no line. Although I haven’t gotten my cute little postcard back from the Board of Elections yet, I filled out my paperwork and put it in the mail.” The newspaper says Gray Whann “was a local organizer in Saratoga Springs for Republican John McCain’s first presidential campaign in 2000, and she represented the Republican viewpoint at a presidential candidate proxy debate in 2004 at Crandall Public Library.”


      • Hello Michael
        We have not met and I understands your concerns about me joining and running on the Green Party line for my run for Mayor of Glens Falls New York in 2017. Since we do not know each other and you only know a little about me. Let me share a little. I was born to older parents in 1956 in Orlando Florida. My parents were from NYC and Baltimore. I grew up in a segregated state. Actually Florida was the last state to integrate in 1969. I grew up in a Republican home since the Democrats were the party against integration. George Wallace won the Democratic primary in 1972 I believe. I moved up North in the 80’s. I have been an Independent and a Republican never a Conservative, Democrat or an Independence party member. I spent 17 years as a social worker working in the domestic violence/sexual assault/child abuse. I worked most of my life in social justice working for 4 different domestic violence shelters. I left in 2004 after I had three of my clients, 1 murdered, 1 commit suicide and a baby die in 30 days. I needed to balance my life from a 24 hour on-call world. I worked on affordable housing and as a small real estate office I focus on affordable housing. I have been on many boards working on the homeless, parks, recreation. I am president of a grass roots organization (Glens Falls Collaborative) pooling our resources to make our community healthier and sustainable. I know labels matter to some and I respect your distrust of republicans and democrats. We are all not bad…I have grown a lot in my almost 60 years on earth.. My core is still the same.. I have been an advocate my whole life and the folks who know me, know I work tirelessly. I learned to be an advocate when my two children were born when I was 18 and 21 legally blind and both are successful adults because I always told them and supported them to follow their passion and their talents. I hope knowing a little about me, may help you understand, why the folks in the Warren County Green Party invited me to join. I have found a family there…I hope to grew the Green Party in any way I can.. this is larger than just me…

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