Moderate Voice blogger leaning toward Stein

JStein_298x262xRon Chusid of The Moderate Voice writes that he is considering several alternative candidates for the presidency, adding, “At this time, should I make a protest vote (which is easier not living in a battleground state), I lean towards Jill Stein of the Green Party.”

Chusid says he prefers Stein to former Virginia senator Jim Webb, who is moving toward an independent run, writing that Webb is “too conservative to provide a meaningful choice” against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee. He says he would also consider Libertarian Gary Johnson.

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  1. More and more backers are moving toward the Green Party platform, with Dr Jill Stein at its helm! The civility, humanist, world peaceful, environment valuing, total human rights embracing, sustainable energy supporting, anti corruption stance of the Greens is too refreshing to pass on. What is there to loose, when alternative platforms are proving to be etherial at best, and devastatingly destructive to our only home on earth in the final review. Check out the “Green Party” platform now! This is the year to change our view of earth possession and responsibility.

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