Romney attorneys respond to Green, Libertarian debate lawsuit

stein_photoThe National Law Journal reports that attorneys for 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney have filed papers seeking dismissal of a federal lawsuit brought by the Green Party and Libertarian Party over their nominees’ exclusion from the presidential and vice presidential debates that year.

The lawsuit, which also names the Commission on Presidential Debates, Barack Obama’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Republican National Committee, says the defendants illegally conspired in violation of antitrust laws to exclude Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala, Gary Johnson, and Jim Gray from the “presidential debates market, the presidential campaign market, and the electoral politics market.”

Attorneys for the defendants argue that political activity is not covered by antitrust law, but attorney Bruce Fein, representing the plaintiffs, disagrees. He said in an interview, “Somehow running for president isn’t a commercial activity, even though it’s projected that in 2016 races, collectively, people will spend $5 to $10 billion dollars.”

Stein and Honkala were arrested in October 2012 when they attempted to enter the grounds of the presidential debate site at Hofstra University in New York. At the time, Stein called the debate a “mockery of democracy.”


  1. I think it is absolutely ludicous to think that it is OK to exclude any of our presidential candidates from the presidential debates! The only reason ANYONE would have for doing so is that they fear WE THE PEOPLE might listen and said person/persons would jeoperdize their chances for a win! I feel that WE as a people have an ABSOLUTE right to hear ALL sides from ALL candidates in order to make an informed choice when it comes to something as important as WHO WILL RUN OUR COUNTRY! I have for years not declared any party since the only political party that should be recognized is, I AM AN AMERICAN! Furthermore, upon making the statement that my politcal affiliation is “UNDECLARED”, somehow my voters registration card always seems to come in the mail LABELING me as a “DEMOCRAT”! Who and what give THEM the right to label ME anything but what I tell them! I am done with democrats and republicans! I am an AMERICAN, pure and simple! I want to be TOTALLY informed by and for all my political choices!

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    • Cindy, I don’t know the details of your state or registration, but I thought it was possible that your Undeclared status gets changed at the polls by virtue of your taking a Democrat ballot in primaries. Some states treat that as a declaration of party, and then you have to go explicitly change yourself back to Undeclared.

  2. More than ever….fix past videos-libraries archivss and speeches related to Dr. Jill Stein easy access is the key for people looking for THE RIGHT CANDIDATE….

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