Stein: “The state of our country for most Americans is precarious”

steinIn a message to supporters, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein writes, “Last night, President Obama told us that the state of the union is strong. But as we enter the 8th year of the Obama administration, the state of our country for most Americans is precarious. In my People’s State of the Union, I’ve taken a hard look at where our country stands now, and laid out my vision of where we need to go from here. The reality is that we are in a state of historic crisis — for our economy, ecology, democracy and security. This crisis has been building for decades, whether Republicans or Democrats have been in power.”

Stein posted her People’s State of the Union, a 2,800-word piece, on her campaign website Tuesday. In it, she said in part, “One in two Americans remain in or near poverty including half of children in public schools. One in three seniors relies on Social Security to stay afloat. Wages are stagnant or declining, and real unemployment is nearly 10%, twice as high as the official rate.”

And “while working people struggle, over 90% of income gains have gone to the top 1%, corporate profits have tripled, and the richest 0.1% now owns more than the lower 90% of us combined. A mere 20 billionaires now own as much as the entire lower half of the US population. Globally, only 80 billionaires own as much as the entire lower half of the world’s population, 3.5 billion people.”

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