Green U.S. House candidate Funiciello calls for living wage

funicielloMatt Funiciello, the Green Party candidate for the New York 21st District U.S. House seat, co-writes a Huffington Post piece with Siena College economist Aaron Pacitti calling for the establishment of a living wage.

They write, “Beginning on January 1, 2016, the minimum wage in New York rose to $9.00 per hour, a 12 percent increase from 2014. Additionally, the minimum wage for tipped workers increased to $7.50 per hour. Although a minimum wage that rises faster than the cost of living is a good policy to reduce poverty and inequality, small incremental increases over multiple years are not sufficient to keep full-time minimum wage employees out of poverty. A $15 minimum wage is needed today and should be indexed to inflation to ensure that low-wage workers can be economically self-sufficient.”

They argue that “the minimum wage is far too low for an economy as rich as ours, forcing full-time workers to live in poverty and rely on public support. It’s time we end consumer and taxpayer subsidies to businesses that employ minimum wage workers, and make the minimum wage a living wage.”


  1. That sounds pretty reasonable to me. Big businesses, including large-scale farming are all subsidized with our hard-earned dollars, while regular people are called names etc if they get anything out of the taxes paid in. Let us see these big businesses pay their fair share. Get their money out of tax havens. That will “make our country great again”, not dividing people by race or class or sex or etc.

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