Kreml says Stein will “probably” be Green presidential nominee

kremlGreen Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml said that Jill Stein will “probably” be the Green nominee.

Writing on Facebook, Kreml said, “In November, there will be other choices beyond the usual Republican/Democrat duopoly. There will be a Green candidate, probably Jill Stein, who opposes our wars with their massive killing of civilians, the gathering inequality, the non-prosecution of rich wrong doers…and the selling out of our country to foreign country lobbies, whose constituencies not only have divided loyalties, but often dual citizenship. The Green Party awaits you in the fall.”


  1. Was Democrat but if Sanders is NOT DNC presidential candidate all my money, time and activism will only be for Green Party!

    The Green Revolution must continue that I have been engaged since 1972 because DNC is corporate bought!

    Planet was “raped” and people enslaved by Corporations and Capitalism. Naomi Klein’s book subject was written by myself in college in 1972. Her premise has long been known by educated, intelligent people that started the green movement when first scientists reported rising ocean and world temperatures with over population that the world could not sustain unless economic system of Capitalsm wasn’t stopped.

    All my remaining years will be to change economic system of Capitalsm.

    Favorite leaders are Jill stein, Chris Hedges and Cornell West.

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