Greens look to win over Sanders supporters if he loses Democratic race

steinPolitico reports that Green Party “leaders are banking on Bernie [Sanders] to create an unparalleled recruitment opportunity — as soon as he loses.” Green Party spokesman Scott McLarty said that “after Sanders fans ‘experience the frustration from his likely defeat by the Clinton juggernaut’…the party will send them a message: ‘You have a choice. You can keep alive ideas like single-payer by coming home to the Green Party… or say goodbye the political “revolution” that Bernie Sanders claims to represent.'”

McLarty writes at CounterPunch, “The Green Party and its national candidates support Medicare For All and will continue to do so long after the summer conventions and Election Day. The demand for national health care is too important to let die after July 2016. … Do we want to change the country’s direction or are we content to rubberstamp the political status quo every Election Day? If the former, then it’s imperative that we build an alternative party now, before the consequences of two-party rule become irreversible.”

In addition, playwright and author David Macaray writes at The Huffington Post that despite his doubts about alternative parties, if Sanders fails to win the Democratic presidential nomination, “I will very likely vote for a woman. … It will be Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein.”


  1. Totally agree and money and voting activism for voting Green Party if Sanders not DNC candidate. Has Jill thought about Sanders as running mate if he is not DNC presidential candidate for third party ballot?

    I will lobby hard for his independent candidacy since DNC supper delegates bought by corporate oligarchy. The Revolution he has started must continue since no revolution was finished in America since 1772 when it started. Neither was French and Russuan Revolutions finished for years.

    Revolutions always come from the bottom until the oligarchy is killed or removed from power and means of production!

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