Stein highlights her differences with Sanders

steinoregonGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein spoke with CounterPunch about her differences with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Stein praised Sanders “for ‘giving voice and legitimacy’ to key majority-progressive policy sentiments,” but asked, “How long will a campaign calling for ‘revolution’ be tolerated by a counter-revolutionary party?”

Stein continued, “Whether our campaign is a Plan B for Bernie supporters…or whether we’re Plan A because we need a real movement that is independent of the corporate interests that dominate the Democratic Party from top to bottom, it’s important to ensure that this revolution lives on in way that is deep and that will grow strong…and you really have to discount the last decades of experience to think that the Democratic Party is going to just roll over and allow this to happen.”

Stein also said she has considerable differences with Sanders. She points out that Sanders backs drone warfare and “‘supports governments that commit egregious human rights abuses,’ including Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.” She says he has backed the expensive F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program because it will bring jobs to Vermont, and calls him “a loyal man of U.S. global empire.” She also said, “Bernie treats Edward Snowden like a criminal rather than a hero.”

They have domestic policy differences as well, including Stein’s call for the nationalization of the Federal Reserve and her opposition to high-stakes standardized testing, which Sanders supports.

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