Stein easily wins Illinois Green Party presidential preference vote

CJ9J5jiUAAEO4RLJill Stein has easily won the Illinois Green Party presidential preference vote, with nearly 87% of the total votes cast. The voting was as follows: Stein 119 (86.9%), William P. Kreml 5 (3.6%), Kent Mesplay 2 (1.5%), Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry 1 (0.7%), Darryl Cherney 0 (0.0%), uncommitted 10 (7.3%).

According to the Illinois Greens, the voting serves as the state party’s internal primary election for its presidential nominee and determines the makeup of the ILGP delegation to the 2016 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention” in August. The Illinois delegation will consist of 20 Stein delegates, two uncommitted delegates, and one delegate pledged to Kreml.

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  1. hi jill,
    i firmly believe you are truly a very good candidate for potus or v-potus but think unless you are part of the two party system ,your attempts are in vain.that’s one of the reasons bernie latched onto the dem party so as to get inital acceptance but they are still giving him a tough way to go.please join him.we need you also., thanks

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