Hedges says only Stein understands need for “a global movement”

HedgesJournalist and activist Chris Hedges says in a TruthDig essay that he supports Green Party candidate Jill Stein for president “because she understands that this is primarily about building a global movement, not about participating in an election. She, unlike Bernie Sanders, knows that this movement will never be realized within the Democratic Party or by paying deference to the power elites, the Israel lobby or the arms industry and the military establishment.”

Hedges goes on to say that Stein ”
grasps that until we name and destroy the evil of militarism and imperialism, genuine social and political reform, indeed democracy, is impossible. She does not want to work within the corporate establishment. She wants to dismantle it. And all the pundits who tell us not to waste our vote miss the point. It is time to stop playing the game.”

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