D.C. has one registered Green for every eight Republicans

Mt32oY5gThe District of Columbia Statehood Green Party has approximately one registered member for every eight registered Republicans in the District, according to statistics released by the District government earlier this month.

There are 3,540 registered D.C. Statehood Greens, 0.81% of all D.C. registered voters. The District has 332,561 Democrats, 27,472 Republicans, 897 Libertarians, and 73,903 voters registered with no party or another smaller party.

In 2014, Statehood Green Council At-Large candidate Eugene Puryear finished sixth of of 15 candidates in the top-two race, outpolling the GOP candidate by more than 2,500 votes. Statehood Green candidate G. Lee Aiken received 3.3% of the vote in her run for Council Chair, slightly less than half the vote total of the Republican nominee.


  1. And if a source sends us those updated statistics, we’ll report that too. We can only cover what we know.

  2. The DC Statehood Green Party is also the District’s “second party” in terms of election results: Statehood Green candidates receive more votes collectively than Republican candidates, even when the two parties run the same number of candidates.

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