Three Green Party candidates for Baltimore mayor invited to debates

Baltimore-Green-PartyThe three Green Party candidates for Baltimore mayor — Joshua Harris, David Marriott, and Emanuel McCray — will participate in two all-party debates hosted by the Open Society Institute after that organization and other sponsors reversed their earlier decision to exclude them.

Baltimore Green Party co-chair Andy Ellis said, “We applaud the sponsors decision to take democracy seriously and ensure that all candidates are heard. Democracy cannot work if closed debates are where only two parties are allowed to participate. … Baltimore is facing multiple crisis situations and the same old ideas of the Democratic Party will not solve them. We need new ideas and the Green Party will provide those.”

The three candidates will compete for the Green Party mayoral nomination through a series of mail-in ballots and in-person voting on May 1. (Maryland does not permit alternative parties to hold taxpayer-funded primaries.)

The debates are scheduled for February 24 and March 16.

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