Washington AFRO interviews Baltimore Green Party candidates

Baltimore-Green-PartyThe Washington AFRO interviews two of the three Green Party candidates for Baltimore mayor, Joshua Harris and Emanuel McCray. (David Marriott is also seeking the Green Party nomination.)

Harris, a former Democrat, said, “The Green Party is very progressive — they’ve been progressive in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement [and] a real economic strategy is built on issues of social justice. We need leadership that is unafraid to go against the grain and status quo and do what is right.”

McCray is making his second run for mayor as a Green. The former Republican said, “I’m not really big on national politics because they’re so broad. But city-wise, Democrats were the dominant party. They had that ‘next-man-up’ mentality and I wasn’t really feeling that. I want to come out and step out on my own. I believe in hard work. To work my way up, not because I’m related to this person or I went to church with this person.”

The AFRO also spoke with Green Party city council candidate Jamie Frierson, who said, “I’ve never wanted to go with what somebody says I am. … I don’t agree with all the Democratic views; I don’t agree with all the Republican views.” Regarding the Green Party, she said, “They think more economically. … If you ever look at their values and principles they keep it black-and-white and do what makes sense.”

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  1. Nice article…it would have been nice for the party spokesman to have used a different descriptor than “old, white hippies”. People are people. We don’t need to call each other names.

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