Stein appears on C-SPAN, RT America, New England Public Radio

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein made several high-profile television and radio appearances over the past week. On Saturday, Stein appeared on C-SPAN’s flagship program Washington Journal, discussing her campaign and taking viewer questions for more than 45 minutes.

Stein also appeared on RT America’s Sputnik, where host George Galloway, a former member of the British Parliament, said, “Of all the candidates running for president, the best one isn’t Bernie Sanders, it’s not even Donald Trump. It’s the candidate of the U.S. Green Party. She’s a better woman than [Hillary] Clinton; she’s a better democrat than Sanders!”

Stein was also interviewed by New England Public Radio in advance of the March 1 Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party presidential primary. During the five-minute interview, which can be heard in full online, Jill said, “Basically, America is in revolt. I think it’s really a critical time for us to open up debate not only to a revolutionary campaign, but to a revolutionary party. … We’re not going to fix this in six or eight or nine months. This is going to take a sustained effort.”

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  1. Jill Stein you stand for all that I could want in a real progressive president. If all the people really got to vote rationally there would be no contest. love and kindness indeed!

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