New York Green state senate candidate Hirsh discusses his campaign

hirshNew York’s Long Island Herald interviews Seth Hirsh, the Green Party nominee in the New York Ninth Senate District special election scheduled for April 19.

Hirsh, “an accountant who runs his private practice from his home, wants to impose a 1 percent tax, what he calls a stock transfer tax, on all Wall Street transactions that involve options and futures trading on essential commodities such as fuel, wheat and barley.” The funds “would pay for unfunded mandates and statewide county revenue sharing that would be used for infrastructure improvements and a new rail system from Albany to New York City. He also wants to create a state-charted bank that would also be funded by the stock transfer tax.”

He said, “I believe private banks are a complete rip off, a state-charted bank is not based on fees. I think it would be a big help like a federal credit union.”

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