Stein speaks at University of Illinois

mass-doctor-wins-green-party-presidential-nod-sh1s478t-x-largeThe University of Illinois Daily Illini reports on Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s Wednesday night speech at the university.

Stein, “the Green Party’s leading candidate for the 2016 presidential election,” is “the only presidential candidate to visit the University this election cycle.” She said “she believes is that massive changes need to be made to America to make the world a better place.”

Stein said, “We need really deep systemic change. And a different way forward based on democracy, justice, and human rights, and a different kind of world that puts people, planet and peace over profit, instead of profit over everything else.”

Her speech “primarily focused on the issue of student loan debt. She pointed out that 43 million Americans are tied down by their student loans; in order to pay them off, many graduates need to work longer hours, giving them less time to pay attention to politics. Stein said it was crucial for these people to get out and vote in 2016.”

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