Green Party of Philadelphia elects new leadership

8d80145ba96929cd541b78b332d8e8a9The Philadelphia Free Press reports the Green Party of Philadelphia “energized their local party by electing a new leadership” at the February 24 meeting.

Galen Jah Tyler, a former member-at-large of the City Committee, was elected chair. Tyler “is director of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union and a founding member of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign.”

Charles Sherrouse, elected as a new City Committee member-at-large, said, “My priority will be getting Greens involved with ballot access petitioning across the city, and extending our campaign outreach to campuses. The Green Party’s performance in the 2015 City Council race has earned us state recognition as a political party in Philadelphia, which can help boost our membership.”

Belinda Davis was elected recording secretary, while Hillary Kane “retained her seat as Treasurer, and Julian Robinson was re-elected as Member-at-Large.”

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  1. I am interested in running for State Representative as Green Candidate but I am not sure if its not too late to change my registration from democrat to Green? I can do the work but need to know if there is an interest on the Green Party part?

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