Official results: Stein wins Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party presidential primary with 48.1%

greenrainbowOfficial results from the March 1 Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party presidential primary made available Thursday show Jill Stein winning by a margin of just under 10 to one.

Stein received 768 votes (48.1%), Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry 78 (4.9%), Darryl Cherney 54 (3.4%), Kent Mesplay 37 (2.3%), and Bill Kreml 24 (1.5%). There were 199 “No Preference” votes, 12.5% of the total, with 436 write-ins, 27.3% of the total. There were 85 blank ballots cast.


  1. Congratulations to Jill Stein on handily winning her own state. But i question the “10 to 1″ framing. If most of those write-ins were for a particular candidate, then she beat him by a bit over 2 to 1. I also wonder if so many “blank ballots” were intended as ‘no candidate’ or if they were true abstentions.

  2. The national Green Party establishment has clearly rigged the selection of a candidate with their rules so that Stein will be the candidate again. The other candidates allowed to run are unknown and flawed; yet, she still can’t get a majority of Greens behind her. We want someone else! In that state 51.9% want someone else. This matches what I’ve seen elsewhere.

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