Stein open to “collaboration” with Sanders

SteinSandersGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s tweets this week regarding a collaboration with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders were covered by Boston.com, the website of The Boston Globe.

The site said Stein “said she’s open to a ‘collaboration'” with Sanders, “though it doesn’t seem like the Vermont senator is currently interested. In a series of tweets Wednesday, Stein said efforts to reach out to the Sanders campaign have returned no response.”

RT America writes that Sanders “needs all the support he can get,” and “Stein has an offer that would be unprecedented if accepted. Stein is running for president just like Sanders is, but their ‘shared goals’ could be enough for them to work together, the Green Party candidate tweeted. … What Stein’s idea of a collaboration would include remains elusive, and with Sanders more or less ignoring the olive branch, it currently is serving more as a preemptive offer to collaborate with those who ‘feel the Bern’ should they find themselves dissatisfied” with a Hillary Clinton nomination.

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