Stein interviewed by India’s Frontline

steinsignGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was interviewed by Frontline, a magazine published by India’s The Hindu. The publication writes that Stein’s “message is utterly at odds with those” of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, and their parties, “nut her views are rarely heard in the U.S. largely because of the media blackout of the American Left, in particular, and all ‘third parties’ in general.”

In the course of the lengthy interview, covered in a 3,500-word report, Stein discussed the election and the Democratic candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders, among other matters. She told Frontline, “The Green New Deal is the centerpiece of our campaign agenda. It is an emergency program to fix the two major converging crises of the modern era: the unjust, failing economy and the collapsing climate. It’s like the New Deal that got us out of the Great Depression…ut with a green focus in order to fix the climate as well as the economy.”

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