Maryland Green U.S. Senate candidate Flowers writes about removal from debate

flowersMaryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers writes in Baltimore Brew about being forcibly removed from a candidate forum at Goucher College on March 28. Flowers had been twice invited to the event before being disinvited.

She writes, “Greens constantly face these kinds of barriers that prevent them from competing with the two major parties. … The media barely reports our existence and we are excluded from debates and public forums. … This is part of the democracy crisis — when a party that does not represent the interests of the wealthy is left out, the public debate is stifled. And voters are the biggest losers when alternative voices are left out.”

Flowers writes that had she “been permitted to participate in the debate,” she would have raised several issues “that are not being discussed” including construction of the Cove Point fracked gas terminal, the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “ending poverty by bringing back a Guaranteed Basic Income,” ending the Drug War and mass incarceration, and holding Wall Street accountable for the financial crisis of the last decade and its continued effects.

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  1. Any proof on either side of the question of whether or not the debate was only for candidates with primary opponents?

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