Mesplay says Roseanne Barr has agreed to be his running mate

roseanneGreen Party presidential candidate Kent Mesplay says Roseanne Barr has agreed to be his vice presidential running mate if he wins the nomination at the Houston convention in August.

Mesplay first announced the news on his campaign website on April 1, but there was some doubt in online Green Party circles given that it was April Fools Day, which Mesplay himself noted at the end of his message. However, Mesplay told Green Party Watch today, “It’s legitimate. I’ve been holding off since her recent stance on Israel is contentious. However, we can use this as a way to teach the different approaches to peace. One-state vs two-state solutions vs other approaches. It’s going to be a wild ride….got a tiger by the tail…but it will draw attention.”

Barr ran for the Green Party presidential nomination in 2012, receiving 72 votes at the convention, one-quarter of the total. Mesplay himself received 17 votes. After her defeat, Barr accepted the Peace and Freedom Party presidential nomination, and received 67,326 votes in November, finishing in sixth place nationally.

Barr has since become a controversial figure in Green circles with her comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict. She recently called American progressives “naked bigots” who engage in “garden variety anti-Semitism,” and called the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement “right-wing and fascist” and its backers “racist Jew-haters.”

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