Sawant urges Sanders to join Stein on Green ticket, or run as independent

sawant1Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has launched an online petition urging Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is currently seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, to join Jill Stein on a Green Party ticket or to run as an independent.

Sawant said, “The stakes are too high to let this moment slip through our fingers. That’s why I’ve launched this petition urging Bernie — if he is blocked in the rigged primary process — to run as an independent, or as a Green on the ticket with Jill Stein. We can’t allow the corporate media, Wall Street PACs, and the Democratic Party establishment to derail this movement before the real presidential election even begins.”


  1. This super delegate BS sounds like a bought and paid election by the establishment against the voters wishes!

  2. Please check Ballot access laws as some states, Illinois for example, has a “Spoiler Law”. A Candidate who loses a Primary Cannot run in the General Election. Unreasonable, yes. Legal, unfortunately.

    • That only applies for down ballot races. Technically speaking in the Presidential he could run in all 50 as an independent.

  3. Hello,
    I have long heard of your achievements and applaud them, and you.

    I am a socialist and long-term member and former supporter of the Green Party.

    I found your petition for Bernie Sanders online, asking him to join either an independent party or the Green Party itself.

    Regardless of the heartfelt humanism voiced by the great Jill Stein, I feel it would be a mistake at this time for Bernie to join the Green Party, as it is tied to capitalism, using the same liberal-progressivism and political expedience which Sanders examples. It also does this while it tries to join liberals and Libertarians as an ecology-centered party. In the resulting anarchy of mixed ideologies of the left-leaning and the right, I have found those values and platforms of the Green Party which seem written by fully-left socialists become only window dressing. Those values and the platforms made from them are mostly ignored, while entire state Green Parties are formed under this confusion producing a microcosm of two-party inconsistency.

    This is why I believe the Green Party remains a failed institution. It tries to be all things to all ideologies, at a time when we desperately need the clarity of a US party that is fully committed to the working class.
    My long-running attempt to bring this to the attention of Greens in general, and to GP administrators as well, has not been successful, but instead I have encountered much pushback and censure.

    Until the Green Party can adopt anti-capitalism IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, it will remain just another distraction to our gaining the strong labor party we so desperately need.

    Best to you,

    Bob Johnson

  4. Bernie Sanders must join Green Party so that the Green Party ticket will be for Bernie Sanders for President and Jill Stein for Vice President

  5. Suzanne, interesting legal situation with spoilers! Bob, Good points aout class politics in the GP. I was an active supporter of Howie Hawkins for NYS governor, however the GP has some major problems when some of the names vary from being capitalistic to supporting dictators such as Assad and Putin.

  6. Obviously this Green Party story has legs with the media. It brings attention. That’s the first positive element. It breaks the media black out of the Green Party.
    It you read the latest Sanders statement closely you see him edging toward the Green Party. It’s clever, adept politics for the Green Party. Excellent Green Party leadership by Dr. Jill Stein (G) Just as the first national, and international Green Party presidential primary TV debate gets scheduled.
    RT-TV’s Watching the Hawks have invited the five Green Party candidates seeking the Green Party nomination to a 90 minute debate on May 9, 2016. Leading Greens are urging RT-TV’s Watching the Hawks to make this Green Party presidential primary the first of several. At least a Green Party presidential primary TV debate every month. Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Curry, and Darryl Cherney, were the first to accept the TV debate.

  7. As Dr. Jill Stein noted on the Acronym TV podcast with Dennis Trainor Jr. – It’s too late in the cycle for an Independent candidate to get on the ballot across the USA. It a candidate wants to be on the ballot – the Green Party is the only option. Corporate media keeps getting this story wrong. The Constitution Party already nominated their presidential candidate (last week). The Libertarians nominate their presidential candidate in May. Both corporate parties nominate their candidate in July. The Green Party convention comes in August. Here’s Jill Stein (G) on Dennis’s podcast saying, “everything is on the table..”

  8. It never ceases to amaze me that blindly ignorantly the left as as the radical right are all cognitive of the severe conditions surrounding the modern POLICE STATE of the NSA, Home Land Security, DOD DEA, CIA, FBI, LAPD, NYPD, police abuses, ATF, etc as La-Dee-Da they prance into the nearest chat room of one line comments from unknown nameless faceless creeps of one sort or another to pronounce in no such uncertain term that “COMRADES THE REVOLUTION HAS ARRIVED!” what a farce the LEFT in the world these days must appears to the comrades in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES as the criticism of the petty bourgeois ultra-left that comprised the white student movements of Europe and America by which is even found today in countries such as Burma where the graduates of elite university presume to lecture the working class on how to make a revolution or how the politically change the world. Where the likes of those who take time out from studies at colleges like Wesley the Hillary Clinton alma Mater where they voted to support Bernie Sanders and Harvard who graduated Obama Romney and Stein in a long way from when WEB Du Bois was there.

    None the less I dislike the left in America as it is in its many forms for better or worse are truly alienated from the working class as indicated by the support garnered by Clinton and Trump: NONE THE LESS the “left” in America marches on in top the sunset in what seemingly does not advance the left and in fact in what often does a poor job of advancing their own individual sectarian causes as the same non-Communist and non-Stalinist CIA support Left of the COLD WAR continues to perpetuate the factions divisions through what has not substantially changed since Lenin wrote at the beginning of the earlier Century in the early 1900s that was described as right-opportunist, left-wing infantile disorder, ultra-left, Menshevik, pro-war, national-chauvinist, social-fascist, to which has been added many new categories and sub-categories of dysfunctional natures that many especially working class members have no taste for.as time wasting.

    Where it is so no nice to be a working class member of a working class movement though all too often it seems that movements either patronizes or condescends when it presents itself. Where the working class is only good to act as the grunts of a petty bourgeois lead cause of elitists intellectuals in what is an old story where in many of the country they seem to not exist, and perhaps will never exist. Except regardless of how hard one can try it seems that what is called left does not go to far out of their way these days to present themselves so as to be known and shown to exist. So I find it not very strange that in that great reactionary Rust Belt bastion of Central Pennsylvania home of steel mills iron works, factories I rarely find some brave soul of any sort to take me up on my offer to put them up on a couch of so which is more than I was offered when they had the opportunity.
    So is the Green party left? How the heck do I know?
    Is the Socialist Alternatives progressive? What ask me?
    IWW? SPUSA for just as the government has a alphabet soup of groups so does the left and right in what to most seems ALIEN.

    Hello Hello I am calling for Bernie! Yeah Bernie Sanders.
    I don’t know what they were saying as a joke in Central Pa I am from Wesley Massachusetts, I went here I went there
    Yeah like the Scarlet pimpernel, Bern Baby Bern!.
    No I don’t have time man to talk about stuff.
    Yeah Bernie is a Social Democratic but he is not a communist.
    How do I know? I don’t know I guess Bernie is a Senator??

  9. Dear senator Sanders,
    I hate to see you endorsing the queen of chaos HRC that would diminish all your hard work and render you as insignificant. However running as the Green party candidate will blow another life into the movement you have helped galvanize into a formidable force. I want to urge you not to fizzle out like a dud extinguishing the flames of a righteous revolution.


    Fascism comes to American with an American Face wrapped and bundled in an American flag but is none fascist as the rhetoric is fashioned to suit the political demands and need of the state where oxymoronically and paradoxically many rebels of the left and right decry the political abuses by which they protest “too much” only to ironically participate in those very travesties.

    In the greatest police state in the world that watches every keystroke as I am typing it, and seeing every character flaw and typo error attacks whatever is said top to bottom, or allows such trival matters to coexist in what essentially serves the needs of the state. For every tweet in recorded by the US Library of Congress, just as with plausible deniability the US Intelligence Community via the FBI, CIA, NSA, NSC, DOD, ATF, DEA, etc denies its own spies recognition, so too its agents employed by private corporations based in places like Silicon Valley deleted the tweets and tweeter account of those they deem of immdeiate threat (ISIS).

    So regardless of the millions of NEOCON trolls online acting for both the Republican and the Democratic Parties, in considering the party candidates of the two p[arty system including the Democratic and Republican Parties and their many secret partners coalesced around the Green Libertarian, Tea parties etc in considering the distinctions between the 2016 two party system and the politics of Mussolini, Salazar, Peron, Franco, Marcos et al often we can not find distinctions only similarities.

    The brutalities of totalitarianism whether it is a of a conservative or liberal variety spans the political spectrum from extreme right to the extreme liberal ends of the political landscape what is not found for the most part is the mobilization and active participation of the US working class motivated, activated, focused and directed by its own design and leadership as for decades it has been suppressed repressed, brainwashed, manipulated and controlled by those who do not share their interested.

    Forget about the Obama slogans of “change” for the most part the change brought in the election of President Obama (Obomber) can be said to have been minor as the Democrats gained control of the White House through a cooperation of the Clinton Administration Neo-Cons and Blue Dog Democrats who lost in the very next nid-term Congressional elections as they could not distinguish themselves from the George W Bush Democrats. Dlue Dog Democrats much like the establishment Republicans who could not distinguish themselves so as to so as to show a reason for their existences as opposed to the Tea Party Republicans and the Bernie Sanders Independent Democrats.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz an her close ties to Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton in her close ties to Donald Trump (the chump) who only can display for the most part their inclinations to win at all costs rather than any principles, are distinguished from Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz in the game that the billionaire millionaire elite of the United States plays in its contrived pretenses that democracy continues to exist in the US though the bottom line is in what is academically called at best a representative democracy or bourgeois democracy by leftists, is that there is NO DEMOCRACY.

    For though the US electorate chooses this candidate or another they have no real or fair choice in the matter of who runs or is elected to the presidency of the United States as like wise on the local level though some what easier those powers ensure that what is called the extreme left and right is never elected to any meaningful office in what can be noted as a matter of history for the last seventy years.

    Internationally capitalism is in crisis and so locally in all instances it has maintained its rule and control by the use of police, military and state power for there in countries such as the US leafleting and soliciting for political causes is prohibited just as door to door canvassing is tracked, and provocateurs are used to entrap militants so as to have them killed and murdered,

    Where in Congressional electoral races that for the most part in most US jurisdictions the two major parities have used computer assisted software to gerrymander most districts for their benefit. Benefits so as to fix elections and primaries, conventions and administration as well and to dictate that incumbents almost never lose.

    In what the allegedly liberal Democratic Party and Republican Presidential Primaries becomes relevant in that super delegates maintain t he balance of elected power in the Democratic by its elite’s use of “super delegates, and by the Republican Party’s elite’s manipulation of the rules to do as that elite wishes.

    Where whether or not they are Democratic or Republican Party hacks, they are none the less hacks, who have manipulated every consequentially notable minority political group or fraction in those political parties since 1936, when they had Huey Long assassinated so as to prevent him contesting Roosevelt (FDR); and, again in 1963 when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated to prevent him from ending the War in Vietnam before it began (along with the assassination of President Diem of South Vietnam that JFK allegedly authorized.) and so as to prevent the first Catholic elected to the US presidency from being reelected.

    For the final word in American politics is as Mao Tse Tung stated as “political power grows from the barrel of a gun”, the assassination of JFK can be compared to Lin Biao that paved the road towards the arrested and Kan garoo court of trial of the “Gang of Four” where the elites in the People’s Republic of China also seemingly wished to removed the “People” from the equation so as to re-establish capitalism in China after the infirmity and death of Mao.

    So if we remember that in “political power grows from the barrel of a gun”, we will not be all that surprised or disappointed when any of the major candidates such as Bernie Sanders or even Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater wins or loses for it was as the center of the economic political military center of world capitalism never meant to be

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