Stein to CNN: Democratic Party “fakes left,” moves right

JStein_298x262xGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein talks with CNN.com about her campaign and her differences with Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Stein said, “I think we share very similar values and visions. I just happen to be working in a party that supports those values and those visions. … I have long since thrown in the towel on the Democratic and Republican parties because they are really a front group for the one percent, for predatory banks, fossil fuel giants and war profiteers.”

CNN writes that Stein “had many positive words for the Sanders campaign but said he was constrained by a political party with a history of co-opting progressive campaigns.” She said, “The party allows progressive faces to sort of be their figurehead for a little while, but while it does that, while it sort of fakes left, the party continues to march toward the right.”

CNN notes, “The Sanders campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this article.”


  1. Where the Green Party has achieved state power in the government Greece Germany eg they have compromised their positions and Ms Stein has not addressed those questions on Real Politick issues that the unspoken history of the alleged left in the US is that for the most part they follow and have not often or always lead. Where I have to go back to William Z Foster Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Daniel DeLeon to find a real left.

    • You left out Antonio Gramsci and that is who the 1 percent have been reading and following his lead among the planners and movers for the neoliberal Republican and conservatives ironically.

  2. Actually, it’s more like Democrats have been blatantly moving to the right for 30 years, and Bernie will/would be the first progressive head-figure in all that time. But yes, he should absolutely run as an independent if need be.

    • For an UNDERGROUND:

      Here I have not mentioned Bernie Sanders but your focus on Bernie Sanders indicates the dynamics of American US politics which I am no fan of, where I criticize the Green Party as often representing the very same characterization that Jill Stein uses here to attack the “Democratic Party” that ironically occurs though I have made it very clear: THE USA IS A POLICE STATE and therefore the immediate goal should be an overthrow of that set of political nonsense that pulls the strings from behind curtains. How can a police state be over throw if all these nationalists, liberals, progressives, radicals, anarchists, civil libertarians, etc operate as if the police can not see their dirty underwear?

      It is hypocritical for the Green Party to attack others based on the differences they do as both elements represent groups that function as if there is no police state. So call me insane for electronic exposing myself on the CIA NSA FBI type of web platform because those SOBs watch everyone and might even choose which progressives get what positions they like.

      • Andrew, Good post. Did you vote in a primary? Will you vote in the general election for a President? Hildabeast will be President and the police state will continue. Any solution? Thanks

    • He won’t run as an independent. He’s too principled for that and he already gave his word that he wouldn’t, plus some states have laws preventing candidates who lost a primary from being placed on the ballot as an independent. If he comes up short I hope he endorses a progressive third party candidate. If he doesn’t do that I’ll probably write him in when I cast my vote.

  3. As parties become more successful there is always going to be compromise. She needs to remember that since FDR’s time the Democrats at their roots were and are liberal rather than socialist or neoliberal-conservative. Even so both parties have their own particular flavor of corporate interests. In either case the middle class from looking at the NY primaries yesterday don’t seem to see the parties serving their best interests and that is why Trump and Sanders did well with them. Democracy is messy.

  4. Hi,
    I want Bernie all the way!!!
    If he doesn’t make it though do you think he might endorse Elizabeth Warren as a progressive third party candidate?

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