Green Party of New York: “Open” primaries are not the answer

gpnys_logoOn Monday, the day before competitive Democratic and Republican presidential primaries in New York, the Green Party of New York said, “We are not surprised by reports of would-be voters in tomorrow’s presidential primary discovering that they do not, in fact, belong to the party to which they registered. Many of our members experienced similar frustrations when attempting to register Green. But the solution to this and other threats to democracy in New York is not so-called ‘open’ primaries, as proposed in a newly-announced lawsuit, but comprehensive voting reforms to support multiparty democracy and a board of elections that operates free from partisan control.”

The GPNY said, “‘Open’ primaries funnel unaffiliated voters into the corrupt, undemocratic duopoly parties instead of building the grassroots parties we so desperately need,” and “only serve the short-term interests of unaffiliated voters at the expense of party members who spend time and energy building a fighting organization with a coherent platform and agenda.”

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