Talk of Stein as possible alternative to Sanders gets louder

SteinSandersWith Hillary Clinton’s emergence as the likely Democratic presidential nominee, online chatter about Green Party candidate Jill Stein as a November alternative for supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting louder.

Myles Hoenig, Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Maryland’s Seventh District, told PressTV that Stein “is a true revolutionary politician in the United States, not Sanders or [Republican Donald] Trump.” Hoenig said, “Where will Sanders’ supporters go if they won’t go to Clinton? These voters are progressive and untrusting of our political establishment. The Green Party addresses all their needs and goes much further than even Sanders on positions.”

Bill Boyarsky writes at Truthdig that Sanders’ supporters “would be welcomed by Dr. Jill Stein. The physician-activist is favored to win the Green Party presidential nomination this year after heading the party’s ticket in 2012.” Stein told Boyarsky, “The whole reason for having an independent third party that cannot be silenced is there are 25 percent of Bernie’s voters who are not going into that dark night to vote for the No. 1 cheerleader for Wal-Mart, for Wall Street, for an endless war. They are looking for another place to hang their hat.”

Inquisitr reports on Stein’s outreach to Sanders, writing that Sanders has “refused the Green Party’s courting in the past, and he says he won’t play the part of the spoiler. Still, supporters of the idea point out that the Green Party National Convention takes place in August, following the Democratic National Convention in July. On social media, many have said that superdelegates should consider that hundreds of thousands of Sanders’ supporters might demand that he accept Stein’s offer” to join a Green ticket.

Sputnik News reports that according to journalist Sam Sacks, “If Sanders lost the Democratic nomination, millions of his voters could opt out from supporting Clinton, possibly seeking another candidate.” Dave Lindorff of Op-Ed News also writes about a possible Sanders spot on the Green ticket.

Sanders has said he will support the Democratic nominee.


  1. Having Sanders join the Green Party ticket, or even just endorse them, would be huge. This would be the year that a third party would have a chance, and even if the Greens still lost, it would send a message to future generations that voting for only two choices doesn’t have to be the only choice.

  2. Electoral politics is one arena. What up with Greens and Working Families Party ?

  3. With all due respect to Dave Lindorff and many Green activists, why would our party even nominate Sanders, even with Jill’s endorsement? He supports endless wars, if not necessarily ‘our’ boots on the ground; supports Israel “100%”, and only talks about making student debt easier to pay off, unlike Jill’s position of debt forgiveness. I can see him as VP to Jill, but that’s for balance or other logistical reasons.

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