Green Party formally recognizes two presidential candidates

Mt32oY5gThe Green Party of the United States said in a Wednesday statement that it “formally recognizes two candidates for the 2016 Green presidential nomination, in accordance with party rules: Jill Stein and William Kreml. Both candidates have fulfilled all the requirements for official recognition, qualifying their campaigns for access to party resources.”

Details on the recognition requirements are available online. The nominee will be selected at the Green Party Presidential Nomination Convention in Houston, August 4-7. To date, Stein has won 101 delegates to the convention, while Kreml has won 11; 202 delegates are needed to win. Kreml said in February that Stein will “probably” be the nominee.


  1. This is a confusing story with no context.
    A similar announcement is online from January. Then Dr. Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Curry, and Darryl Cherney were also recognized as Green Party candidates.

    One may read criteria to be recognized as a Green Party candidate this way. Candidates could, and may still qualify as “officially” recognized Green Party candidates for U.S. President. The recognizing Green Party body here in question is the Green Party presidential support committee. The committee appears to be about 5 or 7 Green Party members.

    Meanwhile there is another important point. A Green Party “10 key value” is decentralization. The United States is a republic. It means every state, and state Green Party has it’s own rules. Therefore individual state Green Parties put Green Party candidates on the ballot. Or in the Green Party presidential caucuses, or Green Party primaries, or Green Party state conventions as those state Green Parties choose. State Green Parties decide for themselves, who is a Green Party candidate. Those state Green Parties pick who they permit to receive votes in their presidential selection process.

    Look, for example, at the Virginia Green Party. Jill Stein, Bill Kreml, Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Curry, and Darryl Cherny all received votes for the Green Party nomination for US President.

    The Virginia Green Party accepted, and recognized votes in their primary for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Really. Here’s the link.

  2. I believed that Dr.Jill Stein would make great President for the U.S. she understands what needs to be done .@@

  3. I write from Texas, where the GP state nominating convention attributed our 23 national delegates acording to binding precinct convention ballots, equivalent to primary ballots. 7 delegates are thus pledged to “non-recognized” candidates Curry, Mesplay, and Cherney. Does the GPUS intend to block these votes at the national convention? If so, whatever happened to “democracy” and “decentralization?”

  4. The rules for being recognized in the first place are way too lax. If you cannot raise funds or you do not have a base, then you have no business whatsoever running. Most of these candidates are embarrassing. They do not even know the issues.

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