Connecticut newspaper editorial: Sanders backers can choose Stein

steinsignConnecticut’s Norwich Bulletin says in an editorial that “much has been made of recent polling showing that more than half of voters dislike” Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, “but provided her Connecticut petition drive is successful, voters here will have at least one more option: Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate.” The newspaper says that when Sen. Bernie Sanders “is no longer a factor, Stein is in a position to pick up some of his votes. … Stein calls for a ‘principled vote’ for her and a calibrated ‘moral compass,'” a pitch that “ought to resonate more strongly this year.”

Bustle looks at the prospects of a Stein-Sanders Green collaboration, while Ted Rall writes at CounterPunch that “disaffected Sanderians will give Jill Stein’s Green Party the biggest surge it has ever seen.”

CounterPunch also runs a feature titled “The Story of Jill Stein: Putting People, Peace and the Planet Before Profits”.


  1. Sanders has the luxury of two paths to win the presidency:

    1. As a socialist democratic candidate over the “War Hawk” and shilling corporate looter, Killary.

    2, As a socialist democratic Green new party candidate if the dying Democrat Party blocks him and refuses to be reformed or survive. *1.

    Whereas, neither unlikable “War Hawk” and “Empress-in-waiting”, Hillary, nor the insane billionaire-idiot ‘il Donald’ the unhinged “dictator-in-waiting”, Trumpster, have any path to the presidency.

    However, Bernie will have to take Jill Stein’s lead and expose, educate, publicly ‘call-out’, and confront the ‘war-making’ and looter-enabling Empire in order to take either of his paths to the White House!

    [*1. footnote, Bernie controls and can bring his entire enthusiastic supporters over to the Green Party at his option,whereas, the dual unlikable and “unfavorably rated” Hillary and Trumpster are going to be in the dumpster in bringing their uninspired un-supporters anywhere but to either of the fast fading old parties.]

  2. Thank you for this Green Party stiry. The Green Party leader Dr, Jill Stein another Green Party leaders doing constructive, inclusive, empowering work.

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