Arizona Greens urge rejection of education finance constitutional amendment

azgpThe state committee for the Arizona Green Party has recommended a “no” vote on Proposition 123, the education finance constitutional amendment that will be on the statewide ballot on May 17. The AZGP says the proposition “is not necessary, since there is a $600 million budget surplus in the state treasury to properly fund K-12 public education,” and that “a recession, a rise in unemployment, lower tax revenues, and a 49% cap on K-12 education funding from the state general fund” could “pull money away from public education.”

The AZGP says most state legislators want to use the surplus “for more corporate tax cuts, as opposed to properly funding K-12 public education.” State co-chair Maritza Broce said, “We have the necessary funds to properly fund K-12 education here in Arizona. Unfortunately, what is lacking is the political will with the majority of our state legislators. Instead of performing their constitutional duty to properly fund public education, our state legislators decided to put the unnecessary and confusing Proposition 123 on the ballot during a special election, when voter turnout is expected to be very low.”

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