Stein interviewed by New York Daily News

steinpeaceIn an interview with The New York Daily News, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said, “Polls show that the majority of Americans don’t support either party. Most Hillary Clinton supporters are backing her to oppose Donald Trump. And most Trump supporters are doing it to oppose Hillary. So what is wrong with this picture? If our voices were actually heard, we would be dominating.”

She said she has yet to break through in the polls “because the political system is designed to suppress political opposition. I’m talking about the money it takes to get on the ballot, the rules of ballot access, the rules of debates in which the Democratic and Republican parties control the presidential debate commission itself. When you factor in corporate collusion, it difficult to be heard.”

The New York Daily News is the fifth-largest U.S. daily newspaper by circulation.


  1. What a line!
    “Yes, I’d heard that Zen koan before: If a Green Party candidate yells in a corporate-run forest and no bought-and-paid for journalist is there to hear it, she doesn’t make a sound.”
    ….dat’s bought right.

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