Colbert mentions Green Party-Sanders talk

colbertStephen Colbert said on his CBS Late Show Wednesday evening that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are “feeling so shafted, that some have begun to push Bernie to run as a third-party candidate. He’s now being courted by the Green Party to join their ticket, which does make sense, because nothing’s more green than recycling an old candidate. … So now thousands of disaffected Bernie supporters may be faced with a choice: Go to the Green Party or begrudgingly vote for Hillary, just like Hillary supporters do.”


  1. Bernie Sanders was never invited to run on the Green Party ticket. The Green Party nomination is not a jacket you can buy at the second hand store. It is earned the same way that any other political nomination is earned, by appealing to the voter base.

  2. Why is it that this site lets statements like the Green Party is courting Sanders to be a part of their ticket go as if they are true? Dr. Stein and the Green Party have done nothing of the sort. They have asked for DISCUSSION…that is all. Senator Sanders does not qualify to be a Green candidate, as his foreign policy alone violates the party’s core values. This is a horrendous misinterpretation and maligns the Green party. PLEASE STOP IT.

    • We report on media coverage of the Green Party so that party activists can be informed and respond. If a major media personality says something about the Green Party, even if it is inaccurate, our mission is to make sure Green Party members know about it.

  3. We are big enough for serious mention, because we have prevailed with the ballot status. Nevertheless, in this corporate controlled puppet system, we can’t get into the national debates. So FEARFUL are they of our potential to be JUST WHAT THE VOTERS WANT.

  4. Great job on posting and editing this story. Thank you Green Party Watch.
    The only bad Green Party press – is no Green Party press.
    This Green Party Bernie Sanders Green Party story (as Dr. Stein wisely saw) has legs in the mainstream media. That’s good for the Green Party, America.

  5. “Collaborating” and “being courted to join their ticket” are two very different things.

  6. It would be the end of the GP if Sanders were to be the top of the ticket. As said before, it would violate the rules for nomination. He’s also not a Green. He’s a Social Democrat: supports wars, supports Israel, pro-capitalist. He has good positions on health care, taxes and income inequality, but his for. policy positions are indeed horrendous.
    I don’t know/think there’s any rules regarding who the top of the ticket picks for VP, though. Can’t say I’d like a Stein/Sanders ticket but it would do a lot for GP exposure, especially if it can reach the magic 5% for fed funding.

  7. I thought we had achieved Federal Matching Funding in January…also the State Ballot Access figures look way off (21 v. 38…), Could there be some issue between Jill’s access vs GP access? B/c she wouldn’t be running as anything BUT a Green…

  8. I do believe Bernie could be useful as Jill’s v.p. (never mind, as her running mate!) The President of the Senate could wield more power than the President in some circumstances. (Nuclear Option)

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