Stein runs close behind Clinton in Massachusetts middle school vote

CJ9J5jiUAAEO4RLThe Wareham Courier of Massachusetts reports that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein received 13 votes in a mock election at Wareham Middle School. While Sen. Bernie Sanders won with 482 votes, Stein was not far behind Hillary Clinton, who received just 25. Republican Donald Trump received 48 votes, and Libertarian Gary Johnson 14.

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  1. It is an astute Green Party post.
    One could say it supports the wisdome of Dr. Jill Stein (G).
    Stein and other Greens have reached out to Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura to be inclusive, build and grow the Green Party.
    The poll shows the ability of Sanders/Stein to expand the Green Party base – perhaps all the way to the White House.
    If you haven’t seen it – check out the Green Party presidential primary debate televised by RT-TV America Watching the Hawks.

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