Stein speaks at New York campaign fundraiser

Craig Seeman of the Green Party of New York State has posted multiple videos of presidential candidate Jill Stein speaking at a recent New York fundraiser for her campaign.

Other speakers included CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin, hip-hop artist Immortal Technique, New York Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Robin Laverne Wilson, and veteran Green Party activist Howie Hawkins.


  1. Thank you Green Party Watch, thank you Green Party’s Craig Seeman. Excellent Green Party videos. Let’s share these Green Party videos across the world.

  2. Green Values are Necessary now with The MegaCalamities Knocking on Our Door and Writing on Our Walls- Time for a Return for the Reverence For Creation, People, and The Loving Creator of Life- Reverence for Life- Dr Albert Schweitzer, Buddha, Jesus, and all Saints East, West, North, & South. Creative Love as the Unchanging Fulcrum Point of the Scales Of Personal,Social, & Environmental Justice- The Principles of Integrity & Equity & Harmony are Spiritual – Not subject to Change or Chance – Written in Nature and The Hearts of Men & Women of Integrity, Truth, & Justice!

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