Carl Romanelli: Bob Casey, what’s good for Iran is good for Pennsylvania

Carl Romanelli, 2006 Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania, has written a piece at Citizen Voice entitled “What’s good for Iran is good for Pennsylvania; freedom of assembly, speech, due process”. Green Party watch has covered Carl Romanelli’s struggle with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s illegal campaign of harassment to deprive him of his right to run for office.

Last week Senator Robert Casey passed a resolution through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which recognizes and demands that Iranian citizens be afforded freedom of assembly, speech and due process. To be clear, the U.S. Greens are in complete agreement with Pennsylvania’s junior senator on this issue. In fact, we recognize that such individual democratic freedoms are an essential component of any person’s basic human rights. The difference between Greens and Mr. Casey is that Greens expect the rights of free speech and due process everywhere in the world, including here in Pennsylvania.

At first glance the above statement might seem over-the-top, but not so to those following the developments in the scandal known as Bonusgate. Continue Reading


Carl Romanelli challenges Bob Casey Jr to a game of hoops

Carl Romanelli was charged over $80,000 for daring to run for US Senate in Pennsylvania. That cost was a result of Democrat Bob Casey Jr.’s successful effort to keep Romanelli off the ballot. By scrutinizing every ballot access signature, Casey was able to throw Romanelli off the ballot, and he then turned around and charged Romanelli for the lawyers and party hacks he had do the scrutinizing.

Now Romanelli has called on Casey to play him for the money in a game of B-ball.

A piece at Citizens Voice says that Romanelli gives Casey good odds to beat him in the game of hoops.

“As in politics, Casey should have the advantage on the basketball court,” Romanelli said. “He stands at about 6 feet 4 inches, I am 5 feet 5 inches. He has access to the best gyms in the country, I still play in schoolyards, and he is a few years younger than I am.”

Romanelli also suggested that President Obama might invite him and Casey to the Whitehouse for a beer to work out their differences.

On a more serious note, Romanelli’s court case to set aside these fees goes back before the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court next week.


Carl Romanelli still fighting crushing court fine for 2006 PA Senate run

Carl Romanelli, 2006 Green Party candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania, is still fighting a PA court decision ordering him to pay over $80,000 to reimburse the Democratic Party employees who challenged his petitions in 2006 and successfully threw him off the ballot. Despite the fact that since the original ruling, a number of the Democratic employees involved in the challenge have been arrested for using public funds to target political opponents, including Romanelli and Ralph Nader, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued a two-sentence ruling confirming the decision and rejecting oral argument on the matter.

In a guest blog at Gort42, Romanelli suggested a Skip Gates/Cambridge police-style “peace beer” with Obama, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), and himself as one of his few remaining options:

“One would think that the commission of crimes against a working class candidate would be enough to get the attention of the Courts, but such is not the case in Pennsylvania. All along I have said that there was nothing wrong with the signatures the Greens submitted in 2006, and there wasn’t. So the Democrats had to rely on their friends who wear robes to finish the job,” Romanelli asserts. “The entire judicial system is corrupted here in Pennsylvania, and I should know because I come from Luzerne County where the disgraced, kids for cash judges come from,” he added. “So, since the judges are too crooked for a citizen to use the legal system, we need another way to resolve this shameful persecution and I thought Beer Summit II would be a novel approach…”


Romanelli sues PA Dems behind controversial ballot challenge

Carl Romanelli, the Pennsylvania Green Party’s 2006 candidate for US Senate whose ballot access petition was successfully challenged, has filed suit against numerous members of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for illegal activities in connection with the challenge. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

Carl Romanelli, who ran for U.S. Senate in 2006, has filed suit against state Rep. Bill DeWeese, D-Waynesburg, former state Rep. Mike Veon, the House Democratic caucus, and dozens of named and unnamed state employees.

The civil suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Scranton alleges that the defendants engaged in an illegal “Herculean effort” to have Mr. Romanelli thrown off the U.S. Senate ballot in 2006.

Read the full article at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Nader (and Romanelli) take on corruption in the Keystone State

In a two part series of articles by Ruth Ann Dailey at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the saga of Ralph Nader and Carl Romanelli and the PA Democratic Party’s fight to keep them off the ballot is covered in some detail. Both Nader and Romanelli faced challenges to their ballot access petitions in 2004, and Pennsylvania’s courts ruled that both Nader and Romanelli were responsible to pay the costs for those who took their ballot access petitions to task.

This is the first time that candidates have been charged for reviewing petitions which were found to be insufficient to secure a spot on the ballot. In essence, Nader and Romanelli were charged over $80,000 each for daring to run for office.

H/T to Ballot Access News. Continue Reading


Romanelli goes to court

Former Green Party US Senate candidate from Pennsylvania Carl Romanelli has filed suit in the state Supreme Court saying that the people who challenged his petitions to appear on the ballot are criminals, recently arrested on corruption charges, and that his charge of close to $80,000 for reviewing his ballot access petition brought by these same people should be tossed out.

The article, by Tracie Mauriello of the Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau, includes this:

A grand jury presentment last week included evidence that those signature challenges were based on work by dozens of Democratic House employees while they were on the clock and being paid with tax dollars.

To read the entire story, click here.

Hopefully Romanelli will win, and instead of paying the state close to $80,000 he will get attorney’s fees and other compensation for the breech of democracy caused by these alleged criminals.


Green campaign for Pennsylvania Governor enters final week of petitioning

The Pennsylvania Green Party is in the home stretch of a campaign to gather 17,000 signatures to put Paul Glover for Governor and Wendy Lynne Lee for Lt. Governor on the ballot. Signatures must be submitted by July 25th.

p paul glover 2

It would be quite an achievement to get a Green ticket on the top of the ballot in Pennsylvania, which has become notorious in recent years for its anti-democratic and punitive ballot access laws. The state of Pennsylvania is still attempting to collect a fine of over $80,000 from 2006 Green US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli after throwing Romanelli off the ballot, and the state was cited by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (set up by the Helsinki Accords for human rights) for its repression of political rights.

From the Glover for Governor campaign:

The Green Party is required to gather 17,000 signatures to get on the ballot, while Democrats and Republicans needed 2,000 signatures. Continue Reading

Green Party calls for halt on Trans-Pacific Partnership after leaked secret documents from trade deal

green party earthflowerCongress should reject President Obama’s request for fast-track authority on the secretly negotiated pact, say Greens

The Green Party today called for an immediate halt in the Obama Administration’s closed-door negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), following the publication by Wikileaks of the TPP’s intellectual property chapter on Nov. 13.

Greens also demanded that Congress reject President Obama’s request for fast-track authority to implement the TPP, a proposed commercial pact between the U.S. and 11 Asian and Latin American countries.

The leaked intellectual-property documents reveal that President Obama is seeking terms in the pact that would impose limits on Internet freedom and allow increases in the price of life-saving medicines in the U.S. and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 28 more TPP documents remain unavailable to the public. Continue Reading


Green Party urges mass protest against “adversarial government”, end to National Surveillance State initiated under Bush, expanded under Obama

green party earthflowerFrom the Green Party of the United States:

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party today called for a mass movement to demand the dismantling of the National Surveillance State created by the National Security Agency, CIA, and Justice Department with President Obama’s approval.

Greens also called for a halt to the prosecution of whistleblowers, including Pfc. Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, who complied with international laws to which the U.S. is signatory when they exposed war crimes, as well as government and corporate criminality in the U.S. and abroad, and for no action against whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald.

“President Obama and Congress members who are defending this kind of mass surveillance don’t understand that adversarial government that turns millions of Americans into potential enemies is the opposite of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law,” said Carl Romanelli, 2006 U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania and member of Green Party’s International Committee. Continue Reading


Green Party urges national protest against the proposed Keystone XL and Trailbreaker pipelines

The Green Party of the United States is urging party members and all Americans to organize and join various protests against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in the coming weeks, including a major demonstration in Washington, DC, on February 17.

President Obama rejected the initial application for the pipeline in January 2012 but is expected to approve the renewed application. The multi-billion-dollar Keystone XL would connect the tar-sands oil fields in Alberta, Canada (the world’s second biggest pool of extractable carbon) to refineries and seaports in the Gulf Coast. Continue Reading