San Fernando Valley Green Candidate Mike Powelson Thrown Out Of Debate

Further Reading, including Editor of the School Newspaper Bashing the Cal State Northridge Greens and follow up by Green members on campus: http://sundial.csun.edu/2012/05/creating-change-requires-both-your-voice-and-your-actions/

Complete Debate Video with Greens using the “Occupy-Like” Tactics MIC Check: http://www.csunas.org/csunas/watch-the-congressional-debate-2/

Right-wing Moderator calling for the “assassination” of a Green by saying to Green Party member Michael Mccue “Shoot Him In The Heart” after MIC Check. http://studiocity.patch.com/blog_posts/shoot-him-in-the-heart?ncid=newsltuspatc00000001

Green Party congressional candidate Michael Powelson was excluded from a congressional candidates debate on the Cal State Northridge (CSUN) campus on April 30. Cal State Northridge is attended by 35,000 students.

Despite pleas by students and community members, the CSUN External Affairs Committee of the Associated Students – which hosted the event – issued a statement that it excluded Powelson because “The Committee felt that an over abundance of candidates took away from the substance and quality of the discussion.”

Protestors arrived at the Valley Arts Performing Center on the CSUN campus an hour and a half before the debate and according to The Daily Sundail, set the tone of the debate early on. “Angered by the exclusion of third-party candidate and former CSUN professor Michael Powelson, audience members began heckling the candidates and moderators within the first five minutes of the event, resulting in the removal of two audience members, one of which was Powelson himself, and the threat to remove a third.” Featured in the debate were two Democrats and two Republicans.

Speaking at the protest preceding the debate, Powelson said “there is no downside to including someone such as myself. In a democracy you allow all voices to be expressed. If you don’t allow them to be expressed, they don’t go away they just get pushed underground.”


Cal State Northridge Professor Running for Congress Against Howard Berman, Brad Sherman

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/powelsonforcongress
WEBSITE: michaelpowelsonforcongress.org

The San Fernando Valley Green Party endorses Mike Powelson for the June 5, 2012 Primary Election for the 30th Congressional District. Powelson will run against Democratic incumbents Rep. Brad Sherman and Rep. Howard Berman as well as Republican candidates Mark Reed and Susan Shelly.

Mike Powelson’s Background and Platform for Congress

A former laborer and carpenter, Mike Powelson has a Ph.D. in history from Columbia University and has taught at L.A. Valley College, Cal State Northridge, and Cal State Channel Islands. Mike is a native of Los Angeles, attended Grant High School, and has deep ties to the San Fernando Valley. Mike has worked throughout the Los Angeles area, from boxing clothes in downtown Los Angeles to construction labor in the Santa Clarita Valley. Mike speaks English and Spanish and has traveled to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and throughout Latin America. He is a strong advocate of immigrant rights for the people in his district. Powelson has also lived and worked in New York, Florida, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. In 2002-2003 he taught at Omsk State University in Russia, an experience that provided him, along with his knowledge of Latin America, with an international perspective that is crucial for a national office holder.


Rally in the Valley for Roseanne Barr

San Fernando Valley Green Party:

Friday, March 23rd. 7pm. $10 suggested donation.
A Rally in the Valley With Green Party Presidential Candidate,
With special guest speakers:
Michael Powelson, Green Party Congressional Candidate, 30th District (running against Howard Berman & Brad Sherman)
David Steinman, Green Party Congressional Candidate, 33rd District
(running against Henry Waxman)
Anthony Vieyra, Green Party Congressional Candidate, 35th District
Marcy Winograd, former Congressional Candidate & beloved Progressive

Link: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fstudiocity.patch.com%2Fblog_posts%2Fbecoming-an-engaged-citizen-a-rally-in-the-valley-for-roseanne-barr-fed-up-voters&h=TAQHqfpPb


Green activist declares candidacy for Congress against incumbent Henry Waxman

For the full story, visit the Topanga Messenger:

Topanga resident David W. Steinman has announced his candidacy for congress as the Green Party candidate for 2012 in the redistricted 33rd District of California, which stretches from Malibu to Palos Verdes.

Steinman, a consumer advocate, author and magazine publisher, has taken on the nation’s most powerful corporate interests. Continue Reading


California Green Party to register 100,000 new Greens by Election Day 2012

The California Green Party held a statewide grassroots organizing conference call on January 9th in order to register 100,000 new Greens by Election Day 2012.

This is similar to the efforts by the state party back in 1990/1991 that officially placed the party on the ballot on January 1st, 1992.


The first training session for all Green Party activists will take place on February 4th, 2012 from 10:30am-2pm. Niebyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA.

The trainer is the only person in the United States who has registered 100,000 Greens. More details on our very special trainer soon.

Space is limited to 40 people, but PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.

1030am -1100am: How to register voters on the streets
1130am -1:00pm: Voter registration on the streets of Oakland and Berkeley
100pm -1:30pm: How to organize information and process registration materials
1:30pm -2:00pm: How to train and coordinate voter registration volunteers in your county

Learn more, questions, or housing: Contact Marnie at 415.259.7121 or marnie@cagreens.org.

To RSVP: http://cagreens.nationbuilder.com/voter_registration_training


Founding of the California Green Party

Here are some excerpts regarding the founding of the California Green Party

The Green Party of California (GPCA) was founded on February 4th, 1990. It achieved ballot status as of January 1st, 1992. It has maintained ballot status ever since.

The Founding Meeting (February 1990)

The founding meeting of the GPCA occurred on February 4th 1990, at Cal State Sacramento. Approximately 65 Green delegates and observers from 30 Green locals gathered from across California and debated whether to start a new political party. The meeting was co-facilitated by Mike Feinstein (Santa Monica, Westside Greens) and Mindy Lorenz (Oxnard, Santa Clara River Greens).

The Ballot Drive (January 1990 – December 1991)

To qualify for an ongoing place on the ballot, California Greens needed to gather a number of registrants equal to 1% of the number of people who had last voted for Governor (in 1988) – that number amounted to 78,992.

By December 1st 1991, registration had reached 60,000 and the goal was near. Then a large, last minute large donation came in that would help pay to hire some professional registration gatherers. This spurred Greens on even more furiously, with the added confidence that the needed total would be achieved. After registering 60,000 people in the preceding 23 months, Greens registered 40,000+ people in December to ‘go over the top’ and reach 103,903, securing a place on the ballot for the GPCA. About 65,000 came from Northern California, evidencing the strength of Hoffman and the Q Group’s efforts there, as well as reflecting the strength of the Green movement in Northern California.

The complete story can be found here http://www.cagreens.org/history/founding


Green Party of California Donations on the rise

The Green Party of California is receiving a higher concentration of donations since the inception of its new website and donation link, which can be found here. https://cagreens.nationbuilder.com/donate

You also have the option of publishing your donation on the website, letting other people know that you contributed.

The Greens in California are undertaking a monumental effort to register 100,000 new Greens by the end of the 2012 election year.


Los Angeles Green Party Annual Potluck & Celebration

LA Greens & Green Party County Council of LA invite you to our combined annual potluck and celebration:

When: Wednesday, December 21st.
Time: 7-10pm
3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City 90230.

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share with others. We also ask that you bring your own re-usable utensils, glasses, plates, and serving containers instead of the single-use disposable kind.

Share in the cheer. Visit with new and old friends. Kids are always welcome.

Vote Green! Live Green! Register Green!

A facebook event page has been set up.


San Fernando Valley Green Party host successful fundraiser for Jill Stein!

San Fernando Valley Green Michael Mccue says of the event:

Our “Occupy the Future!” event in North Hollywood Monday night was a great gathering of concerned valley voters finding consensus on the issues that really matter to us all. We also raised funds for Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, from Massachusetts. Many thanks to guest speakers, Mike Farrell, Mayoral candidate, Kevin James, City Controller candidate, Cary Brazeman, Thomas Watson, founder of Love Honor Cherish, and Bill Maxwell of Transition SF Valley. The speakers really made this an important event!

The event marks the third successful fundraiser hosted by the San Fernando Valley Green Party this year.

Here’s a local story on the event.