Ed Rabel of WV Mountain Party will be the guest on today’s episode of Occupy The Microphone

On today’s show we will be joined by Ed Rabel. Ed Rabel is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist whose reporting experience spans three decades of worldwide coverage.

He is today a highly-respected strategic communications counselor and adjunct professor of journalism at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communications.

Rabel’s award-winning work at NBC News focused heavily in the defense and national security arena. He was the Pentagon correspondent for NBC News from 1993 to 1997 and then served as the network’s Cuba expert until 1998. In his tenure at NBC, which began in 1985, he was the first to report on Israel’s illegal transfer of U.S. missile technology to China and brought viewers exclusive coverage of the U.S. government’s closely guarded Nuclear Emergency Search Team project. He is a two-time Emmy winner and three-time Emmy nominee, as well as the recipient of one of journalism’s most prestigious awards, the George Polk Award.

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Ed Rabel

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Greens in Wellington New Zealand win every race they entered yesterday.

In a post via Yahoo! we read that the entire field of candidates offered by the Green Party in New Zealand has won the elections they entered. the full story if below the fold. Continue Reading


Greens in Malta glad government is finally tackling real issues.

In an article posted at Malta Today the Green Party in Malta, known as Alternattiva Demokratika welcomed the government’s decision to finally address real issues.

Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, Arnold Cassola, said: “After witnessing first hand what dead migrants mean, the Prime Minister gets a reality check and, instead of playing the populistic macho, does the right thing and talks politics.”


South Carolina Green wins just under .5% in special congressional race

South Caronlina Green Party stalwart Eugene Platt was unable to secure much in the way of press coverage, and was excluded from the only debate between after the Republican and Democratic nominations were finished. Despite being the only veteran in the race, and despite almost 30 years in elected office in the state, Platt was kept out of a debate sponsored by AOL owned “Charleston Patch” held at The Citadel.

The Democrats ran Elizabeth Colbert-Busch against disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford, famous for disappearing from the state to visit his paramour in Argentina. Colbert-Busch is the sister of Steven Colbert. Sanford beat Colbert-Busch by a 10 point margin.

The author of this report also submitted an article to Yahoo! Voices, which they have published. A link to that article is here.


South Carolina Greens nominate Eugene Platt in 1st Congressional District special election

Eugene Platt

In a message posted to his Facebook page, David J. Gillespie, author of Challengers to Duopoly and South Carolina Green Party Steering Committee member, announced the results of Saturday’s nominating convention.

Meeting in convention in Mt. Pleasant yesterday, the South Carolina Green Party chose Eugene Platt as its nominee for the South Carolina First Congressional District seat. Platt will face off against the winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries in the general election. This was the first contest with more than one candidate seeking the SCGP nomination for any office, and Platt is the only candidate of any third party who will be running in this general election. Platt is also the only Green currently holding an elective office in South Carolina. Here is the link to his campaign website.



Maryland Greens mourn passing of Bob Auerbach

The Maryland Green Party has posted a remembrance of Bob Auerbach. A long time Green who ran for office in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District several times, Auerbach was struck by a car as he walked in Greenbelt, MD. 92 years old, he died overnight. The full text of the Maryland Green’s recollection of Auerrbach is below the fold. Continue Reading


US Greens: Don’t attack Syria

In a press release issued today the Green Party of the United States called for the Obama administration to turn away from actions recently taken off the coast of Syria.

Before the Obama Administration sends troops or drones into Syria, we should remember the devastation caused by U.S. invasions and interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. In Iraq’s case, deposing a dictator triggered a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, as well as over 5,000 U.S. troops, and destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure. The war in Afghanistan is still going on and has expanded to include civilian-killing U.S. drone attacks on Pakistan. – Romi Elnagar, Louisiana Green and member of the Green Party’s International Committee

The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading


Green Party of the United States welcomes Youth Caucus

The Green Party of the United States issued a press release on December 5th, welcoming the Green Party’s newly accredited Youth Caucus into the party. The Youth Caucus now stands next to the Lavender Caucus, Black Caucus and Women’s Caucus as an official caucus with representation on the Green National Committee. The Latino and Labor Caucuses are still in formation.

Greens under the age of 35 are encouraged to join the Green Party Youth Caucus by visiting their official website. The full text of the press release is below the fold, or at the link above. Continue Reading