Canadian Green accuses New Democratic Party of sleezy tactics

“How about we pay you to sit this one out?” seems to be the message the New Democratic Party sent to BC Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver. Sharing sentiments similar to those which drive many former Republicans and Democrats to join the US Green Party, Weaver is quoted at the Vancouver Sun website saying

The NDP are portraying themselves as sugar-coated candy, but I’m finding that below the surface there’s some real ugliness. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that’s one of the reasons I am running: I’m sick and tired of this kind of stuff, of this underhanded political gamesmanship,

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Green Party of Hawaii goes to court over election day problems

The Green Party of Hawaii

The Green Party of Hawaii has gone to court. The party’s attorney, Lance Collins, is quoted by the Associated Press saying

The ultimate goal is to make elections transparent and have integrity.

So, in what way did the elections lack integrity? Well, as it turns out, two dozen precincts in Oahu ran out of paper ballots on election day. In the suit the Greens are asking a federal judge to throw out the formula the state uses to decide how many ballots to have on hand on election day. Collins is representing seven voters who have sued both the state and elections official Scott Nago. Continue Reading


Maine Greens FlashMob WalMart

Maine Greens FlashMob WalMart

Maine Greens FlashMob WalMart

On Black Friday Maine Greens participated in a Flash Mob at the Scarborough location of WalMart.  The action, hosted by the Southern Maine Worker’s Center (SMWC), was in Solidarity with striking WalMart workers throughout the U.S., and to point out unfair labor practices that are commonplace within WalMart.  SMWC says:
In Maine three Walmart stores alone have received $22 million in taxpayer subsidies.
A study in California showed that one 200-employee Walmart store costs taxpayers $840,000 in subsidies including: food stamps, the Earned Income Tax Credit, subsidized school lunches and subsidized housing.
In addition WalMart has been consistently cited for low wages, lack of benefits including paid sick time and health insurance, forcing workers to under-report hours, and more.

Maine Greens were proud to participate not only in organizing and leading the Flash Mob, but also in informational leafletting and holding signs of protest on Black Friday yesterday.


Roseanne Barr wins California’s Peace and Freedom Party nomination: Cindy Sheehan is VP nominee

In a post at their website, the Peace and Freedom Party announces their nomination of Roseanne Barr for President, and Cindy Sheehan’s nomination for Vice President.

Roseanne Barr for President

Updated August 4, 2012 by the Website Workers Council

On August 4, the Peace and Freedom Party nominated Roseanne Barr for President and Cindy Sheehan for Vice President.
Roseanne Barr

Barr had sought the Green Party nomination. Numerous articles about Barr’s campaign can be found in Green Party Watch’s archives

Socialist Party Presidential nominee Stewart Alexander was seeking the California based Peace and Freedom Party nomination as well as Barr.

Check back soon for more details.

The following was sent in reply to an inquiry sent to the Peace and Freedom Party via their website:

Here is a brief report on how the voting went this afternoon at the Peace and Freedom Party California State Convention in Los Angeles:

Wow! What a session! We went through the whole process, with nominations and seconds and speeches and so on – and at the very end of her 15 minute speech, the last one before the voting began, Peta Lindsay announced that the PSL was withdrawing her name from consideration, because her nomination would likely leave a blank on the California ballot (as she is not yet 35, the constitutional minimum age), and the Peace and Freedom Party needs names on the ballot. Then she paused, while peoples jaws dropped and there were gasps all over the hall – and announced that they would be voting for Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan, who would be good representatives of the party and fighters for socialism!

The rules had been changed to allow three ballots before eliminating the lowest vote-getter, rather than one ballot. Of course, a majority (of all present and able to vote) for one candidate would end the voting at that point.

First ballot: Barr 29, Stewart Alexander 12, Stephen Durham 18, 4 abstentions. (32 votes required for a majority, we thought. After the vote, there was a count-off to determine exactly how many delegates were present and able to vote. There were in fact 64, meaning that the required majority was 33.)

(The several people who had told me they intended to vote for Rocky Anderson before he withdrew, voted in the first round instead either for Roseanne Barr or Stewart Alexander.)

Second ballot: Barr 37, Alexander 6, Durham 16, 5 abstentions. Barr was declared nominated.

Several people who had voted for Alexander or Durham recognized that Barr was going to be nominated, and switched their votes even though no one had yet been formally dropped, ending the process before it could become too wearing.

While both Cindy Sheehan and Christina Lopez were nominated from the floor for VP, Lopez declined (because she is Durhams’s running mate nationally), and Cindy was nominated for Vice President with all in favor except 13 abstentions (mainly from FSP). So it’s official – Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan are the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.

Lots more happened today, and there will be plenty of important decisions tomorrow, but I know people wanted this news. -Kevin

It should be noted that Rocky Anderson had withdrawn from consideration three days before the convention, saying he did not have the needed support to win the nomination.

Others who sought the Peace and Freedom Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations included former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, Stephen Durham of the Freedom Socialist Party, and Peta Lindsay of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.


“No Impact Man” speaks to GP nominating convention

Colin Beavan is running for Congress on the Green Party ticket from New York’s 8th District, and he addressed the Green Party nominating convention in Baltimore this past weekend.

Beavan, known as “No Impact Man”, leads a charitable effort to get new citizens engaged in the quest for a way of life that is both good for our habitat and for people. His personal blog is here.


C-SPAN covers Green Party national convention

According to Starlene Rankin, one of two Green Party spokespeople, more than 75 media outlets were at the recent national nominating convention.

C-SPAN covered the convention live and later interviewed Jill Stein for the program Washington Journal.

The Friday before the formal nomination, Democracy Now! spent the entire hour in Baltimore, doing in depth interviews with Stein, Cheri Honkla, Justine McCabe and Joachim Denkinger of the European Greens Federation.

Stein and Honkla’s nominations were also a topic on today’s Democracy Now!