Third Party Debate at Columbia Univ on Sunday w/ Nader, McKinney, Baldwin, Amy Goodman

Details are still being hashed out, but so far at least Nader, Cynthia and Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin will attend a debate on Sunday at 7pm at Columbia University, moderated by Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman.  No word on whether Pacifica will carry the broadcast, but it will be on C-SPAN (whether live or not is anybody’s guess).  Libertarian Bob Barr is claiming a ‘conflict’, I guess ’cause he can’t handle a debate with anyone but Nader, which is too bad – it’s always good to have the Libertarians to kick around.

I attended a 3-way debate between David Cobb (G), Michael Badnarik (LP), and Michael Peroutka (CP) in NYC in 2004, and it was a really great event.  All of the candidates actually answered the questions, first of all, which was very refreshing.

I’m flying back from Phoenix that day, and will try to get my flight moved up so I can be there to liveblog it.  I’ll post more details when I hear about them, but use the comments to add any details I don’t have yet. If you can get to NYC this weekend please attend – let’s make a good Green showing, shall we?

Here’s the AP Story.


Pelosi, Congressional Dems throw the environment under the bus

Buried in all of the news about failed financial institutions and government business takeovers that until last week would have been condemned in Venezuela or Russia, was the news that the House passed a bill that approves millions of square miles of additional offshore drilling, not to mention opens up Federal land in the Rockies to the incredibly damaging shale extraction that is currently wreaking havoc on the forests and former wilderness of Alberta.

Lest we forget the damage the environment done by this drilling, hurricane Katrina destroyed more than 100 offshore oil rigs, some of them washing ashore in Mississippi and Alabama.  The Louisiana and Mississippi coasts, not to mention the entire city in New Orleans, is still covered in a layer of carcinogenic sludge from the oil and gas industries which will affect residents for generations.  Cynthia McKinney has been the only national voice calling for a real cleanup of these areas, while the Dems are now allowing more drilling of carbon-based fuels, even as oil companies are not developing the fields in the gulf they already have access to.Oil rig vs/. bridge in Mobile

Details on the flip.
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CNN/TIME poll: McKinney at 2% / 3% in CO, NV state polls

From a CNN/Time poll taken Aug 24-26th, with a margin of error of 4.0%


Registered Voters
Obama 42%
McCain 43%
Barr 3%
McKinney 2%
Nader 7%
None 2%
Other 1%
No Opinion 1%

Registered Voters
Obama 41%
McCain 41%
Barr 5%
McKinney 3%
Nader 6%
None 3%
Other 0%
No Opinion 2%

Gonna be tough to pin down a ‘spoiler’ in this race, as McKinney, Barr and Nader all poll higher than the margin between the two other guys. And look at the aggregate. Including ‘other’ 13% of the registered voters in Nevada and 14% in Colorado want to vote for a specific 3rd party candidate. Too bad they’re not getting 14% of the coverage, huh?

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McKinney interview on Grist: ‘Leave the Oil in the Soil’

Cynthia McKinney gave an online interview with Kate Sheppard that appeared on environmental news website Grist.org today.

Some highlights:

“Right now we’ve got two energy policies in this country,” McKinney told Grist. “One is war, the other is drilling. And neither one of them works.” It’s a message she hopes will win over voters who have tired of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

From the lead-in:

McKinney was a Democrat herself for years, representing Georgia’s 4th district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 2003, and again from 2005 to 2007. She was the first African-American woman to represent her state on the federal level. During her time in the House, McKinney was active on environmental issues, particularly those related to human health.

Her legislative efforts included lead sponsorship of the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act, which would have eliminated commercial logging on federal public lands. In 2001, she introduced a bill that would have suspended use of depleted uranium munitions until their health effects could be studied further. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2006, McKinney was a vocal critic of the Bush administration’s failure to help residents of New Orleans, and she pushed for comprehensive environmental testing of flooded areas.

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McKinney, Sheehan & Public Enemy at Recreate ’68 (UPDATE with Denver schedule)

Recreate ’68 is turning out to be quite the event, with both Cindy Sheehan and Public Enemy scheduled to appear.

The group has permits to use eight city parks for events during the DNC and 23 bands have agreed to perform at its events throughout the week of the convention.

Of course, the article fails to mention that Professor Griff of Public enemy has already endorsed Cynthia McKinney for pres., and of course, Cynthia is an honorary co-chair for Cindy Sheehan’s campaign to oust Nancy Pelosi.

Cynthia McKinney & Cindy Sheehan

It’s looking like Cynthia made the right move in going to Recreate ’68. (UPDATE) I just hope the Colorado Greens and the McKinney campaign can come to some sort of agreement and move on with the important work of building a viable 3rd party in Colorado. Continue Reading


Rosa Clemente Rocks Brooklyn

When Cynthia McKinney first announced that Rosa Clemente was going to be her running mate, many greens (myself included) zipped over to The Google to find out just who the heck this woman was. What exactly is a hip hop activist? Upon reading about all of her obvious connections in the hip hop world, I began to envision the possibilities of her ‘crew’ reaching into neighborhoods and communities that Greens have often thought were a natural fit for the party’s message, but somehow have not been able to make the connection.

I’m the first to admit it – I’m about as white as they come. Sure, my musical tastes run to a pretty wide variety, and I’ve been told that I have pretty good rhythm for a white boy, but when it comes to hip hop artists, I’m pretty clueless, and was definitely not a big fan….until tonight.

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Prominent Dem blogger calls for 5-way debate

As Obama, McCain and the bi-Partisan Commission on presidential debates play Matador and Bull about the upcoming slate of fall debates, support for real, democratic multi-party debates are coming from some unlikely sources, albeit with differing motives.

Chris Bowers, co-founder of prominent Dem blogs MyDD & OpenLeft, is pushing Obama to have demand at least one 5-way debate including Barr, McKinney and Nader. His reading of the poll tea leaves tells him that the collective 3rd party pull of the Libertarian and Green candidates, as well as the Nader campaign, is a net drag on McCain, and that Obama has nothing to lose, even if McCain were to decline, and Obama were to debate Barr, McKinney & Nader.

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