IPR: Resources for Contacting the Commission on Presidential Debates, Sponsors, etc.

Recently, I wrote about the third of what were originally ten sponsors pulling out of the CPD presidential debates which have invited only Obama and Romney. If the CPD removed the non-objective polling criterion for debate inclusion, leaving in place the criterion of being on enough state ballots to have a mathematical possibility of winning the election, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would be the only additional candidates to be included. Many people have asked how to contact the remaining sponsors, and here’s a reply I found that has all that and then some:

See the list at Independent Political Report


Contacting Sponsors Works: Third Sponsor Pulls Out of Commission on Presidential Debates!

IPR, from Crystal Gross on Facebook:

This is getting serious.
It was only a week ago that the Commission on Presidential Debates had ten sponsors for the 2012 debates.

Today, they’re down to seven. Phillips Electronics has, as of this morning, pulled their sponsorship.

Under the Commission’s guidelines for debate inclusion, other than the non-objective polling criterion, two additional candidates would qualify: Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green), the only candidates not invited to the CPD debates who are on enough ballots to win the Presidency and are Constitutionally qualified for the office.

Some unverified contact information for the remaining debate sponsors is in the IPR comment thread.

Jesse Ventura also has a video out calling on supporters to call the Commission on Presidential Debates. A similar video, perhaps also aimed at the sponsors, may be a good idea for Green-friendly celebrities such as Ralph Nader and Amy Goodman.

Gary Johnson is suing the CPD, Democrats and Republicans on the grounds that the CPD violates antitrust laws. Are any Green attorneys interested in participating in such lawsuits or filing their own?

Art DiBianca has a complaint with the IRS challenging the CPD’s 501c3 tax exempt status, something else that Greens may want to file.

And, some IPR commenters have suggested that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson may want to reprise the protest that David Cobb and Michael Badnarik staged against the CPD in 2004 – this time with youtube!


Damon Eris: A Plea for Political Independence from the Parties of the 1%

Damon Eris writes at Poli-Tea Party (emphasis added):

There is an inspiring amount of third party and independent political activity happening at the occupation protests in New York and Washington DC.  Consider, for example, the case of the Greens.  In New York, Green party activists have been involved at Occupy Wall Street from the very first days of the protest.  A number of weeks ago a liaison from the party made an announcement at a general assembly pledging the full support of Green party activists all over the country and asking how Greens could help the movement.  A number of high profile Greens were present at the Freedom Plaza protests in Washington DC over the weekend, including Cheri Honkala, Howie Hawkins and Ralph Nader.  Now, it appears that Jill Stein, a former Green party candidate for governor of Massachusetts who is seeking the party’s nomination for president in 2012, has been visiting Occupy Boston in recent days and campaigning in support of the 99%. 

It is not difficult to understand why third party and independent activists would be attracted to the Occupy Everything protests spreading across the country.  A simple explanation is embedded in the movement’s most prominent slogan: We are the 99%.  The Democratic and Republican parties do not represent the interests of 99% of the American people.  They are the parties of the ruling financial oligarchy and political class.  They are the parties of the 1%. 

Democrats, obviously, are attempting to hijack this movement the same way the Republicans hijacked the Tea Party movement in 2009-2010 and the same way the Democrats hijacked the anti-war movement in 2005-2006.  At present, many participants in these protests appear to be vehemently intent upon maintaining their political independence.  Yet the same was true of Tea Party activists in the spring of 2009, and we know how that turned out.  The question is whether this movement will suffer the same fate.  The more important question is: what can be done to avert that outcome?

As someone who was active in the Tea Party movement until it was infiltrated and destroyed by the Republican party, I urge all Tea Party activists who have maintained at least a semblance of political independence to become involved in the occupation protests.  As an Independent, I urge all Independents to become active in this movement.  As an advocate of third party alternatives to the Democrat-Republican duopoly, I urge all third party activists to become involved in this movement.

Perhaps some may say they do not agree with the direction this movement is heading and refuse to become involved.  The funny thing is, if you become involved you can change its direction.  It is really that simple.   


Which Presidential Candidate Stands With The 99 Percent?

JClifford writes at Irregular Times:

A week ago, I noted that the Occupy Boston protest was not just demanding social justice. The protesters were making social justice happen, by feeding homeless people who have been occupying the streets of Bean Town for a long, long time. That’s the kind of direct action that America needs more of. It deserves attention.

As it happens, a presidential candidate gave the Occupy Boston protest for very direct attention this weekend – by visiting the Occupy Boston encampment and talking with the protesters face to face. Who was it?

Mitt Romney lives in Massachusetts. It wasn’t him, though.

Barack Obama hasn’t visited any occupation movement protests. He sticks to friendly crowds in comfortable arenas, and to vague acknowledgement that the occupation protests are expressing “frustration”. What President Obama doesn’t seem to realize is that much of the frustration among the occupy groups is with his own anti-liberal agenda.

green party for presidentThe presidential candidate who visited Occupy Boston this weekend is, like the occupation movement itself, neither Democrat nor Republican. She was Jill Stein, a Massachusetts doctor who is expected to formally announce her candidacy for the 2012 Green Party presidential nomination on October 24.

This afternoon, Occupy Boston is joining with other local groups, including Colleges Occupy Boston and Mass Uniting for a march from the bandstand on Boston Common to Dewey Square for a rally there. The march starts at 1:30 and the rally starts at 3:00.


Suffolk Green Party candidate Cesar Malaga (LD 14) on News 12

On The Wilder Side:

This is the News 12 debate with Cesar Malaga, the Green Party candidate running for the 14th legislative District in Suffolk County. He is the only Green Party candidate running on Long Island.

GPW Note from Paulie: See original post at WilderSide for video


Inaugural Brookhaven Green Party gathering 10/11/11

On The Wilder Side:

Green Party of SuffolkOn Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 7pm, the Brookhaven Green Party gathering will feature a speaker on the Brookhaven Recyclebank program. The event will be held at Rio Douro, 800 Horseblock Rd, Farmingville, NY 11738 (631 880-7890). Come hungry! For directions to the Brookhaven Green Party Gathering, contact Marisa Pizza at 516-458-9319. All gatherings are open to the public.

The town of Brookhaven is the first in the state to adopt the recycle bank program which rewards residents for taking environmental actions including recycling. The program is described as being similar to a frequent flyer program. The residents can then turn in their points for rewards from local and national business. In addition to significant environmental benefits, increased recycling also has a positive impact on Town finances through cost savings in disposal costs and revenues from the sale of recyclables.

The Green Party is an alternative party to the Democrats and Republicans. The four pillars of the Green Party are:

  • Nonviolence/Peace;
  • Grassroots Democracy;
  • Social and Economic Justice; and
  • Ecological Wisdom.

The Green Party Party is now a ballot-qualified party, so they are listed on the new voter registration forms. On the old voter registration forms, you can enroll in the Green Party by checking the box marked Other on the voter registration form and writing in the word Green on the line next to it. Click here to find a voter registration form. You can send donations to the Green Party of Suffolk,14 Robin Drive, Huntington, NY 11743. Green Party of Suffolk on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gpsuffolk

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Kent Mesplay: Candidates We Support

From Kent Mesplay, a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination:

Dr. Mesplay supports the following local Green Party candidates. We encourage you to give them your support as well, and tell all of your friends!

Election Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

  • Mark C. Miller for Massachusetts State Representative, 3rd Berkshire District. Special election.

Election Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Date: Primary: June 2012

Here is a list of Green Party candidates running in 2011


Jack Wagner: ‘Vote Local! Vote Green!’

Excerpt from Free Independent-Sun article by Jack Wagner:

Local Green Party victories typically mean;

  • Safer streets through common sense crime prevention (lit streets, alleys and bike paths, foot patrols and police beats):

In Minneapolis, MN, Cam Gordon has been a leader in crime prevention: www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/ward2/docs/August_e-newsletter.pdf

  • Environmental protections, clean water, sustainable farming:

A Green Majority in Fairfax, CA puts the citizens’ clean water and environmental concerns on the agendha: http://gp.org/greenpages-blog/?p=2087

  • Public transit and better bike paths:

In Sebastopol, CA, where Greens are regularly elected to City Council, efforts are made to create accessible bike lanes: http://www.watchsonomacounty.com/2010/11/cities/sebastopol-looks-for-ways-to-create-bike-lanes/

In San Francisco, CA Green Party Mayoral Candidate Terry Baum fights for better Public Transit: http://terryjoanbaum.com/issues

  • Focus on public education reform and access:

In New York, elected School Board Greens put curriculum reform at the fore-front: http://www.web.gpnys.com/?p=272

  • Drive for community power (local energy initiatives):

In Santa Rosa, the Sonoma County Green Party fights for Local Clean Energy: http://www.sonomagreenparty.org/newspaper/nl1110.shtml#S1