Rich Whitney To Debate Democratic and Republican Opponents Tonight

From the Whitney campaign:

Rich Whitney for Governor 2010




CONTACT: Brandon Punke, Communications Director

Whitney for Governor



CONTACT: Doug Dobmeyer, Deputy Communications Director




Carbondale, IL— Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney will participate in a televised debate at Southern Illinois University tonight. Whitney will be joined by Republican candidate Bill Brady and Democrat incumbent Pat Quinn. This event marks the only broadcast debate that will include candidates from all three of the legally established parties in Illinois.

At this time, Mr. Whitney is being excluded from the League of Women Voters/ABC7 Debate on October 20th and the City Club of Chicago/WTTW forum on October 28th. The organizers for both events have claimed that Whitney has not met the criteria for admission to their debates. This is in spite of the fact that the Illinois Green Party is a legally established political party and Whitney’s garnering of over 360,000 votes in the 2006 gubernatorial election.

“I am really looking forward to this debate. Southern Illinois University is providing a great example of how a democratic society built on the exchange of ideas is suppose to work. It is clear that they could teach some so called civic organizations a lesson in that”, Whitney commented.

Whitney continued that “I’m the only candidate in the race who offers a comprehensive plan for getting us out of this budget mess while protecting those in society who need us the most. This debate allows for the people of Illinois to see the strength of my plan directly against the nonsensical paths supported by my opponents. It will also give people their only opportunity to see how Brady and Quinn react when actually confronted on their hollow campaign promises.”

The candidate concluded that “I really appreciate SIU doing the logical thing by including me in this debate and giving the people of Illinois the opportunity to hear real solutions to the problems they face.  The Republicans and Democrats are the ones who have put us in this budget mess and made Illinois government the laughingstock of the United States. A debate that only includes Brady and Quinn is not a debate at all; it is a reaffirmation of the politics of insanity that are destroying this state.”

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A Personal Plea From Rich Whitney

Dear Friends,

Circumstances force me to be blunt: My campaign is REALLY hurting for money right now. Just when we need to be peaking, so that we can get some radio and cable TV ads and buy yard and window signs, and numerous other essentials, we are instead scraping the bottom of the barrel.

If you have thought of donating to my campaign before but haven’t gotten to it, THIS would be the time to get it done, either at www.whitneyforgov.org or by sending it to “Whitney for Governor” at P.O. Box 3803, Carbondale, IL 62902. If you have already donated or are tapped out, then PLEASE talk to others about helping, or send me names of people I can call – or contact the campaign, at campaignmanager@whitneyforgov.org, to find out other ways in which you can help. We still need people to help organize dinners, house parties, music fundraisers or other fundraising events. Thus far, supporters have not followed through on such basic fundraising efforts as expected. I can’t do it all, and you can’t wait for the “campaign” to do it all. The campaign is US, collectively. I need people to step up to the plate and take some initiative.

To keep the carbon footprint down, I can arrange to “appear” at your house party or other gathering by Skype or phone, but I will also come out to your area if we can plan it to coincide with my campaign appearances. But either way, we need people to get these things OFF THE GROUND, ASAP.

If you have not yet joined my campaign page, please do so. If you have already joined, then please send invitations to your friends so we can build our numbers there: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001491410954#!/group.php?gid=210649791624&ref=ts

It absolutely kills me to go through Chicago and listen to a wealthy vanity candidate like Scott Lee Cohen inundate the airwaves with his radio ads, and coat the streets with his yard signs, whe he has absolutely nothing of substance to say — while I have plenty of substance to say, and yet am struggling to get my message OUT to where people can HEAR it, or see it.

Please: DON’T DELAY, DON’T STAY ON THE BENCH ANY LONGER. NOW is the time to GET IN THE GAME and help me win this thing! We have the best platform. We have the best message. I can and will beat the other candidates in debate. But the best platform in the world cannot win an election if the people don’t hear about it.

Friends, I need your help. Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourselves, for the future of Illinois, for the future of progressive Green politics in America. Please help out the Whitney for Governor campaign TODAY.

Thank you for whatever you can do.

Rich Whitney
Green Party candidate for Governor of Illinois


Ben Manski Endorsed by Madison Teachers Union

Green Party candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly District 77 Ben Manski won the endorsement of the  Madison Teacher Inc., a powerful teacher’s union in the progressive college town of Madison. Commentators are already looking at Manski to be a contender in this year election in what is a traditionally progressive Democrat seat.

The Cap Times:

The most surprising and potentially significant development so far in the 77th District state Assembly race, where five Democrats are battling to replace retiring state Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, does not involve one of the Democratic contenders.

Despite the fact that the Democratic primary in this historically Democratic district is just a few weeks off, the big news involves Green Party candidate Ben Manski.

The endorsement of Manski’s candidacy by Madison Teachers Inc., one of the most politically powerful and engaged local unions, alters the character of the fall race — no matter who wins the Democratic nomination.

Manski has already been running a strong race, securing significant endorsements and building a credible war chest.


Historic Election for The Australian Greens

The Australian Green Party performed very well in Australia’s recent federal election. Adam Bandt won his seat in Melbourne constituency giving the Greens one seat in the lower House of Australia’s parliament. A first for a general election for The Greens and possibly paving the way for more Green seats in the future! The Greens got about 12% of the vote in the Lower house. The Labour Party suffered a huge set back and were pushed back to 72 seats while the center right Liberal/National Coalition gained 73 seats. So it appears that the lone Green along with four Independents will control the balance of power in this hung parliament.

It also looks like The Greens will also hold the balance of power in the Senate (upper house). Expect Labour and the Liberals to negotiate with the Greens in these coming days.

With this win here in Australia and the win in Britain 2010 has proved to be a historic year for the Green movement.

Note on The Greens website:

Congratulations to all Greens campaigners and supporters.

While counting continues, at midnight election day it appears the Australian Greens have recorded a record result in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Congratulations to Adam Bandt in the seat of Melbourne, and to all the successfull Senate candidates.

At this stage it is expected that the Greens will have ten members in the Federal Parliament.

To everyone who worked on the campaign, we thank you for your efforts,

More details as soon as they come to hand.

Sydney Morning Herald:

THE Greens were hoping to secure the balance of power in the Senate last night after a backlash against the major parties pushed up their share of the vote and delivered them a lower house seat.

While the Senate result will not be clear for some days, the Greens chalked up an early lower house victory, claiming the electorate of Melbourne.

With more than a third of the vote counted in Melbourne, the Greens candidate Adam Bandt had 36.5 per cent of first-preference votes, compared to 41.3 per cent for Labor candidate Cath Bowtell.

The Liberal Party was polling 17.8per cent of the vote in Melbourne, meaning its preferences will easily deliver the seat to Mr Bandt, making him the first Green to win a seat in the House of Representatives at a federal election.

Greens strategists were hopeful that the higher national vote for the party would translate into extra Senate seats for the party, giving it the balance of power.

In voting for the House of Representatives, with more than half the nation-wide vote counted, the Greens had 11.5 per cent of the primary vote. That was up from 7.8 per cent in 2007 and was the minor party’s best yet share of the national vote.


Rich Whitney Asks For Funds to Open Up Chicago Office

The Rich Whitney for Illinois Governor campaign is asking supporters to make a donation so that they can open up an office on the South Side of Chicago in Bronzeville. See message below:

Full Disclosure: I am a volunteer on Rich’s campaign.

Dear friends and supporters,

Currently Rich Whitney has very little name recognition on Chicago’s South Side. The reason is fairly obvious: neither the Whitney for Governor campaign nor the young Illinois Green Party has had much of a presence on the South Side.

The Whitney for Governor Campaign wants to change this reality by OPENING A SOUTH SIDE CAMPAIGN OFFICE IN CHICAGO’S HISTORIC BRONZEVILLE NEIGHBORHOOD, out of which the campaign can base its South Side organizing efforts.

To pay for this office, a South Side organizer’s stipend, and for miscellaneous office expenses, the campaign needs a total of $4,500.00. Right now the campaign has $1,800.00 set aside to use for these expenses. But we still need to raise the rest of the needed funds — $2,700.00 — from our supporters.

PLEASE HELP US MEET OUR GOAL OF RAISING $2,700, BY MAKING A DONATION TODAY, AT: http://www.facebook.com/l/593cfTVrBiclxtbo7zD3CyBMXqg;tinyurl.com/27waurs

With great appreciation,
The Whitney for Governor Team


Social Democrat-Green Government Forms in North Rhine-Westphalia

Members of the legislature in Germany’s most populous state elected Social Democrat (SPD) Hannelore Kraft to lead a new minority government on Wednesday, in coalition with the Greens. Kraft is the first woman to become premier of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It took two rounds of voting in the state capital, Dusseldorf, to elect the 49-year-old Kraft. In the first round of voting an absolute majority is required, which Kraft was unable to achieve. In the second round, only a simple majority is needed. There were 90 votes for Kraft and 80 against, while 11 lawmakers abstained.

A fractured result from state elections in May led to nearly two months of coalition negotiations. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats and the SPD won the same number of votes, but neither party had a majority with its preferred coalition partner. A “grand coalition” between the SPD and CDU was untenable as was an SPD coalition including the far-left Left party. Talks between the SPD and the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) also failed.

The CDU had been in been in power with the FDP in North Rhine-Westphalia with Juergen Ruettgers the state premier. Their defeat in the state also cost them their majority in the Bundesrat, Germany’s upper house of parliament.

The new government is to be made up of seven ministers from the SPD and three from the Greens.

Source: Deutsche-Well


IL Green Lt. Gov Candidate Don Crawford Releases Tax Returns

From WBEZ:

Crawford is a 55-year-old high school teacher and guidance counselor from St. Elmo, Illinois. He works in nearby Windsor. His tax returns are remarkably simple, showing income from just his salary and a few hundred dollars in taxable interest, and no complicated deductions. Here’s how Crawford’s numbers break down compared to Democratic nominee Shelia Simon, who released her returns a few months ago along with Governor Pat Quinn’s. Keep in mind, Simon’s totals include those from her husband, as they filed jointly. Crawford is single.

Candidate Party Filing status Total income Adjusted gross income Federal income tax State income tax
Don Crawford Green Single $43,400 $43,150 $4,581 $1,235
Sheila Simon Democratic Married, filing jointly $153,434 $152,507 $22,894 $4,231

Republican Lt. Governor candidate Jason Plummer has refused to make his tax returns public.


LeAlan Jones on Kagan Nomination

From WBEZ:

UPDATE: Kirk said today he hasn’t read all of Kagan’s supplemental answers yet. He says he does plan to announce his position “shortly.” Meantime, I head back from LeAlan Jones’ campaign. Jones would oppose the Kagan nomination if he were a senator right now. Here’s his statement:

“While we celebrate more women on the Supreme Court, we are concerned that President Obama has yet to nominate any African-Americans to the bench after two vacancies. Furthermore, Elena Kagan’s inability to hire any African-Americans during her time at Harvard is troubling. Yet again, the Obama administration is playing it ’safe’ – and in turn, giving conservatives and corporations the upper hand. Elena Kagan will not be able to balance out the four ultra-conservative justices and their 1770s values. ‘Originalism’ is a racist, classist values system that has no place in modern society – and waxes nostalgic about a time when Justice Thomas – and LeAlan – were worth 3/5s of property-owning, white men.”


Pete Karas Petition Drive Falls Short

It looks like the Wisconsin Greens will lose ballot status in Wisconsin after 2010 after they failed to get Pete Karas on the ballot for Wisconsin Secretary of State. The WI Greens needed to collect 2,000 (with a buffer) by Tuesday yesterday and only collected 1,619.

I’m guessing this means that the WI Greens will have to collect a whole lot more than 2,000 to get on the ballot for president come 2012.

On the upside, I was told by Wisconsin Green and Green Party Watch Editor, Ron Hardy, that Green candidate Ben Manski will most likely be on the ballot for Wisconsin Assembly in the very progressive town of Madison.

Source: Journal Times


Vice President of Rwandan Democratic Green Party Found Dead

KAMPALA, Uganda — The vice president of an aspiring political party in Rwanda was found dead Wednesday by the banks of a river, a day after he disappeared and less than a month before a presidential election.

The nearly beheaded body of the party official, Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, 60, was found a mile away from his car, which had been found abandoned Tuesday afternoon, when the Democratic Green Party first announced that he was missing.

The police in Rwanda confirmed the death, saying they suspected theft and that an investigation was under way.

Source: New York Times