Arizona Green Party regains ballot status

angeltorresFrom the Arizona Republic:

After a two-year absence, the Arizona Green Party has regained ballot status.

That means Green candidates will have an easier path to get on the ballot in 2016 and 2018.

The party, which says it has 5,600 members statewide, lost ballot status after the 2012 election, when its nominee for U.S. president failed to receive at least 5 percent of the votes cast in Arizona for that office. As a result, in 2014 any Green Party members seeking office were effectively treated as an independent candidate, which triggers a much-higher threshold for voter signatures to qualify for the ballot. Continue Reading


Green Party makes progress on ballot access in 2014

From Ballot Access News:

p Green Party US new logoThe Green Party is now on the ballot for president in 2016 in nineteen states. By contrast, four years ago it was on in fourteen states. For purposes of this sentence, the District of Columbia is treated as a state.

The Arizona Green Party submitted 30,000 signatures on November 14, so in all likelihood it will soon be on in Arizona. It has almost finished its Maryland petition drive and expects to submit those signatures in December, so it will probably soon be on in 21 states, the most it has ever had following a midterm election.

Relative to four years ago, the Green Party has gained Delaware, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.


Green Party highlights from Election Day 2014

From Green Party US:

Election results http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2014/11/04/green-party-2014-election-results and http://gp.org/election-wrapup

p hawkins for governor girlWASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party made several advances in the 2014 general election on November 4, with Green candidates winning 27 seats and ballot lines held for most state Green Parties.

The most closely watched Green races were in Richmond, California, where outgoing Mayor Gayle McLaughlin overcame a $3-million campaign by Chevron to defeat her slate, and New York, where Howie Hawkins challenged incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Continue Reading


2014 Green Party State Wide Candidates

Following is a list of Green Party candidates for state wide office from around the nation. (Please send any additions or corrections.) NOTE: US Senate candidates are listed on the previous post on Congressional Candidates.

There are 46 Green Party candidates running for state wide office, including Governor (9), Lt. Governor (7), Attorney General (6), Secretary of State (5), State Treasurer (5), Comptroller (5), and other state wide offices.


Andy Dawkins, Green Party candidate for Minnesota Attorney General

Andy Dawkins, Green Party candidate for Minnesota Attorney General

  • Josh Drake – Governor





  • David Chandler – State Treasurer


  • Scott Summers – Governor (Democrats kicked the Greens off the ballot in Illinois)
  • Bob Pritchett Jr. – Lt. Governor (Democrats kicked the Greens off the ballot in Illinois)
  • David Black – Attorney General (Democrats kicked the Greens off the ballot in Illinois)
  • Sheldon Shafer – Secretary of State (Democrats kicked the Greens off the ballot in Illinois)
  • Julie Samuels – State Treasurer (Democrats kicked the Greens off the ballot in Illinois)
  • Tim Curtin – Comptroller (Democrats kicked the Greens off the ballot in Illinois)





  • David Gibson – Governor
  • Timothy Reinhardt – Secretary of State

New York

  • Howie Hawkins – Governor

    Anita Rios

    Anita Rios, Green Party candidate for Governor of Ohio

  • Brian Jones – Lt. Governor
  • Ramon Jimenez – Attorney General
  • Theresa Portelli – Comptroller


  • Anita Rios – Governor
  • Bob Fitrakis – Lt. Governor


  • Isa Infante – Governor


  • Brandon Parmer – Governor
  • Chandrakantha Courtney – Lt. Governor
  • Jamar Osborne – Attorney General
  • Deb Shafto – Comptroller
  • Ulises Cabrera Valerie Alessi – State Land Commissioner
  • Kenneth Kendrick – State Agriculture Commissioner
  • Martina Salinas – State Railroad Commission
  • Charles Waterbury for Texas Supreme Court
  • Jim Chisolm for Texas Supreme Court
  • Judith Sanders-Castro for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • George Joseph Altgelt for Texas Court of Criminal Appeal



2014 Green Party Congressional Candidates

Following is a list of Green Party candidates for Congressional office in 2014. This includes the US Senate and the US House of Representatives. (Please share any corrections or additions to this list.)  At this count, there are 9 Green Party candidates for US Senate, and 45 Green Party candidates for the US House.

US Senate:

US House of Representatives

  • Barry Hermanson – California D.12 (Lost in Top Two Primary)
  • Michael Powelson – California D.30 (Lost in Top Two Primary)
  • Michael Ian Sachs – California D.33 (Lost in Top Two Primary)
  • Jeff Russell – Connecticut D.1


    Harley Mikkelson, Green Party candidate for US House, Michigan

  • Bill Clyde – Connecticut D.2
  • Ian Schlakman – Maryland D.2
  • George Gluck – Maryland D.6
  • Jason Lowenthal – Massachusetts D.7 (Kicked off the ballot due to the color of his petition papers)
  • Ellis Boal – Michigan D.1
  • Tonya Duncan – Michigan D.3
  • Pat Timmons – Michigan D.4
  • John Lawrence – Michigan D.6
  • Jim Casha – Michigan D.8
  • John McDermott – Michigan D.9

    Matt Funiciello, Green Party candidate for US House, New York District 21

    Matt Funiciello, Green Party candidate for US House, New York District 21

  • Harley Mikkelson – Michigan D.10
  • Stephen Boyle – Michigan D.14
  • Ray ‘Skip’ Sandman – Minnesota D.8
  • Michael Meo – Oregon D.3
  • Michael Beilstein – Oregon D.4
  • Robert Smith – Tennessee D.1
  • Norris Dryer – Tennessee D.2
  • Doug Milholand – Washington D.6 (Lost in Top Two Primary)

Illinois Green Party Governor and Sec. of State candidates to run as write-ins

scott-summersThe Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Two Illinois Green Party candidates who were on a statewide slate that was knocked off the ballot last month will run as write-in candidates this November.

Scott K. Summers will run for governor as a write-in, and Sheldon Schafer will run for secretary of state. Continue Reading


MA Greens sue after candidate’s signatures rejected over color of petitions

p jp lowenthalFrom the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Secretary Galvin Sued over Rejection of Voter Signatures; Rejection of Ballot Petitions Clears Way for Democratic Incumbent to Run Unopposed

State election officials have rejected all 3000 voter signatures collected by Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jason Lowenthal, who is running for Congress against Democratic incumbent Michael Capuano in the 7th Congressional District of Massachusetts. This clears the way for Capuano to run unopposed for a seventh term. Continue Reading


Summers, Illinois Greens Sue State Over Election Rules

scott-summersScott Summers, Green Party candidate for Governor, and the slate of Green Party statewide candidates, have filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to halt the state’s “binder check” process and have key provisions of the Illinois Election Code ruled unconstitutional.

On June 23, the Green Party filed 29,707 signatures to place Summers, U.S. Senate candidate Omar Lopez, and five other statewide candidates on the November ballot. A week later, the petition was challenged by Karen Yarbrough, Cook County Recorder of Deeds and long-time ally of Governor Pat Quinn.

“Voters want to see more than just one or two candidates on their ballots,” Summers says. “My campaign and this lawsuit challenge the election laws that choke off choice.”

The lawsuit makes three distinct allegations:

* The “binder check” process which is used to review petitions is unconstitutional, because it is biased against petitioning candidates, is subject to on-the-spot rules changes every year, and requires many hours on the part of candidates and supporters to defend signatures. No other state uses such a system.

* The “full slate” law which requires non-established parties to field candidates for all offices at a given jurisdictional level is unconstitutional for several reasons, especially equal protection and due process arguments under the 1st and 14th Amendments. In numerous counties either the Republicans or Democrats fail to field candidates for all county offices, yet the law demands that if a “new” party candidate wishes to run for county office, he or she must be part of a “full slate” for all county offices. Similarly, to run for Governor, a “new” party must field candidates for all other constitutional offices, whether they wish to or not.

* The notarization requirement for petitions is unconstitutional as it drastically limits approaches to organizing petition drives and yet fills no compelling state interest. Because petitions must be notarized, would-be signers cannot download a petition, sign it, and send it off, without first finding a notary, substantially curtailing their freedom of association.

Continue Reading


Green campaign for Pennsylvania Governor enters final week of petitioning

The Pennsylvania Green Party is in the home stretch of a campaign to gather 17,000 signatures to put Paul Glover for Governor and Wendy Lynne Lee for Lt. Governor on the ballot. Signatures must be submitted by July 25th.

p paul glover 2

It would be quite an achievement to get a Green ticket on the top of the ballot in Pennsylvania, which has become notorious in recent years for its anti-democratic and punitive ballot access laws. The state of Pennsylvania is still attempting to collect a fine of over $80,000 from 2006 Green US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli after throwing Romanelli off the ballot, and the state was cited by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (set up by the Helsinki Accords for human rights) for its repression of political rights.

From the Glover for Governor campaign:

The Green Party is required to gather 17,000 signatures to get on the ballot, while Democrats and Republicans needed 2,000 signatures. Continue Reading

Illinois Green Party hiring petitioners to finish ballot access drive

p omar lopez rosa clementeThe Illinois Green Party is collecting signatures through June 22nd to get their statewide candidates on the ballot, including Omar Lopez for US Senate and Scott Summers for Governor. From the Illinois Green Party:

The technical requirement to get our slate of candidate on the ballot is 25,000 signatures from registered voters, but because of the punitive and anti-democratic election laws in Illinois, we require a significant overage of signatures. Our goal is 40,000 signatures by Sunday, June 22nd. With everyone’s help, this is possible. Plus, if you need motivation, we can pay you.

The Illinois Green Party has been hiring paid petitioners to help us with our ballot drive. Two of our unpaid volunteers, Rita Maniotis and Sheldon Schafer, have collected over 2,000 signatures each. Scott Summers, our candidate for Governor, has personally collected over 1,000. Dozens of other volunteers have freely given up their evenings, weekends, and time away from their families to put the Green Party on the ballot in 2014.

In order to respect that level of effort from our volunteers, so that their efforts are not in vain, the Illinois Green Party allocated significant money to ensure we get on the ballot this year. We are currently hiring petitioners Continue Reading