Stein maintains lead in Green Party Watch presidential poll, with 63%

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pollJill Stein maintains her lead in Green Party Watch’s online poll on the 2016 Green presidential nomination.

So far, Stein is backed by 63% of respondents, with Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry at nine percent, Darryl Cherney at seven percent, Kent Mesplay at three percent, and Bill Kreml at one percent. Seventeen percent prefer “someone else”. You can vote here.

Green Party councilmember joins Minneapolis protests over Clark shooting

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gordonMinnPost reports that Cam Gordon, a Green Party member of the Minneapolis city council, is among three councilmembers who have been taking part in protests over the police shooting of Jamar Clark. Gordon has faced some criticism for joining the demonstrations, but said it does not bother him. He said, “We can be supportive. We can encourage positive people to come out there and be part of the solution.”

The Green Party of Minnesota denounced police use of force against protesters at a Wednesday rally, with party spokesman Brandon Long saying, “Last night’s actions by the Minneapolis Police were entirely unacceptable. If, as Mayor Hodges is claiming, officers are exhibiting ‘maximum restraint,’ I sincerely fear for the well-being of the peaceful protesters currently occupying the precinct.” Gordon tweeted, “I am proud of the peaceful protesters tonight. You help make us all better.”

MinnPost said that tension over the shooting “spilled over into a meeting of the 13-member city council Friday,” as activists tried to get the council to amend its agenda to discuss the matter.

Stein has met matching funds requirement in nine states

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steindnBallot Access News reports that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “has met the legal requirement for primary season matching funds in nine states: California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. She needs eleven more states to be eligible.”

Connecticut U.S. House candidate takes part in Rally to End Hunger and Homelessness

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piddockConnecticut’s Torrington Register-Citizen reports that Green Party Fifth District U.S. House candidate Stephanie Piddock was among the participants in the Rally to End Hunger and Homelessness in Torrington on Saturday.

Piddock and other participants toured The Gathering Place, a homeless hospitality center. During the tour, Piddock said, “Eradicating poverty is the most important issue facing society today. There may be refugees in need but there are plenty of people in this country who are in need, too.”

Stein invited to meet with Russian leaders

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steinGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has been invited to Russia later this year.

Stein said that after attending the UN Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris, she is “planning to visit Moscow on a mission for international peace and diplomacy.”

Stein said, “I’ve already been invited to a dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to meet with members of Russia’s parliament, including the heads of two international affairs committees. I’m meeting with Russian leaders to gauge their reactions to a new foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. In particular, I want to discuss the potential for an agreement to eliminate nuclear weapons and use the vast resources thus saved to fight climate change.”

Stein lamented the “too many wasted opportunities for dialogue and cooperation with Russia (and many other countries) in recent years, due to the pointlessly confrontational bipartisan foreign policy known as the ‘Washington Consensus.'”

Progressive Neighbors now says Flowers was never invited to debate

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logo_new2In an OpEdNews piece also published on the Margaret Flowers for Senate website, Anne Meador of DC Media Group writes, “At the first debate for left-leaning candidates in the U.S. Senate race to represent Maryland, there’s no place on the stage for the most progressive candidate on the ballot.”

Green candidate Flowers “claims she’s been forced out because one of the Democratic contenders, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, is afraid that she will expose him as a creature of Wall Street.” Flowers told the sponsoring group, Progressive Neighbors, that she will “attend with or without the host’s blessing.” Flowers said, “I told them I am serious about this campaign. I want to win. I’m gonna fight to be heard in order to be elected. I’m gonna show up there whether or not I’m invited.”

Progressive Neighbors president Darian Unger “categorically denies” that either Van Hollen or the other Democratic candidate, Rep. Donna Edwards, wanted Flowers excluded. Rather, he said Flowers had not been invited in the first place. But the Flowers campaign says Flowers was invited in an October 7 email by a member of the group’s steering committee.

Green Party praises Obama’s Keystone rejection, but says TPP would be step backward

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p-no-kxl-green-partyLeaders of the Green Party of the United States hailed President Obama’s decision to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, saying that the credit for the defeat should go to those who kept pressure on the White House, including ranchers, tribal nations, and residents near the pipeline’s route and all those concerned about the effects of fossil fuels on the world’s climate.

Charles Ostdiek, co-chair of the Green Party of the U.S. and of the Nebraska Green Party, said. “This pipeline would have irreparably poisoned our land, waters, and climate. The toxic process of mining tarsands is preventing Canadian First Nations from living according to their traditional ways of hunting and fishing. Running a pipeline through the fragile sandhills would have violated treaty rights with indigenous tribes and property rights of citizens across the Midwest.”

Audrey Clement, co-chair of the Green Party of the U.S. and of the GPUS Eco-Action Committee, said that while the decision was a step forward, the President’s approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership would represent a major step backwards. She said, “President Obama’s promotion of the TPP undermines his stated dedication to curbing global warming. The trade pact would grant legal privileges to polluting corporations and jeopardize U.S. jobs, public health and food-safety protections, and open access to the Internet, by trumping the jurisdiction of U.S. courts in these areas.”

Hypothetical Green ticket wins 3.3% in mock presidential election

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wiumpeA hypothetical Green Party 2016 national ticket of Jill Stein for president and Knox College Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Peter Schwartzman for vice president received 3.3% of the vote in the Western Illinois University Mock Presidential Election, a two-week simulation of the nomination and campaign processes of the four largest U.S. political parties.

Stein and Schwartzman, a Galesburg, Illinois, alderman, were nominated at a mock Green Party National Convention on October 29.

Stein says her campaign can be “Plan B” for Sanders supporters

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11796216_1002418086465048_1439442244661697614_n.jpg_1718483346On its website, teleSUR interviews Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein about her campaign.

Stein told teleSUR, “The Democratic Party is not going to allow Bernie Sanders to squeak through, so where would we be if we don’t have a Plan B? When Bernie gets knocked out of contention, there would be no place for people to go if not for our campaign. The difference between our campaign and Bernie’s is that we’re not looking for the Democratic Party to save us. We are establishing an independent base for political resistance where we can continue to grow, because there is no relief on the horizon and we need to get busy right now building the lifeboat we’ll need to rescue ourselves and our children.”

28 Greens elected on 3/4 voting day

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Green-endorsed candidate finishes second in San Francisco mayoral race

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francisco_herrera011Green Party-endorsed candidate Francisco Herrera finished second of six candidates in Tuesday’s San Francisco mayoral election.

Democratic incumbent Ed Lee was re-elected with 57% of the vote. Herrera received 15%.

Green Party to livestream election coverage Tuesday night

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Elections Matter 2015 9p4 logoThe Green Party will air live Election Night coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. EST Tuesday night on its YouTube livestream channel. Among the candidates scheduled to appear:

  • Frank Cetera, Syracuse, New York city council
  • Kenneth Collins, New Jersey Assembly, District 24
  • Kristin Combs, Philadelphia city council
  • Trahern Crews, St. Paul, Minnesota city council
  • Joshua Kelly, Waterford, Connecticut Zoning Board of Appeals alternate
  • Rob Korobkin, Portland, Maine city council
  • Molly O’Brien, New Jersey Assembly, District 17
  • Rich Siegel, Bergen County, New Jersey freeholder
  • Jeff Staples, Virginia House of Delegates, District 81
  • Rashad Turner, St. Paul, Minnesota school board

    The national Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee selected 10 “Green Candidates to Watch” this year. In addition to Cetera, Combs, Korobkin, O’Brien, Staples, and Turner, they are:

  • Plinio DeGoes, Cambridge, Massachusetts city council
  • Darlene Elias, Holyoke, Massachusetts city council
  • Marnie Glickman, San Rafael, California Dixie District school board
  • Francisco Herrera, San Francisco mayor
  • Stein campaigns in Maine

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    CJ9J5jiUAAEO4RLGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein campaigned in Maine this weekend in advance of municipal elections in the state on Tuesday. WGME-TV Portland reports on its website that Stein spoke at the University of Southern Maine, saying she “supports living wages for workers, eliminating student debt and reigning in big banks.”

    Stein “said she’s not counting on winning the White House, but she’s not ruling it out. She said people don’t always vote for the candidate they like the most. Instead, they vote along party lines for someone they might consider the lesser of two evils. ‘All the reasons people were told not to stand up for what we deserve and what we believe, all those scary things, have come to pass, the expanding wars, the offshoring of our jobs, the bailouts for Wall Street,’ Dr. Stein said.”

    The full two-hour event can be viewed online. In addition, a four-minute Maine Public Broadcasting interview with Stein can be heard online.

    Maine Green Independent Party mayoral candidate Tom MacMillan is on the ballot in Portland this week.

    Green-endorsed San Francisco mayoral candidate

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    Inspiring story about Green Party-endorsed candidate running for San Francisco mayor:

    New York Green U.S. House candidate Funiciello rejects appeal to run as Democrat

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    New York’s Glen Falls Post-Star reports that Matt Funiciello, the likely Green Party candidate in the state’s 21st U.S. House District next year, has rejected a public appeal from 2014 Democratic nominee Aaron Woolf that Funiciello run as a Democrat. Woolf received 33% of the vote in the three-way race won by Republican Elise Stefanik; Funiciello received 11% of the vote.

    Woolf says that Funiciello’s 2014 candidacy, like Sen. Bernie Sanders’s current presidential run, “generated attention and participation, and now Funiciello has the chance to follow Sanders’ example and bring that energy to a more prominent stage — one with the real possibility of advancement — by seeking the 2016 Democratic line as well.”

    But Funiciello said, “I don’t have any intention of playing that game. … Simply put, I am a Green. Not a Democrat. I do not accept corporate donations nor will I work within a party that does. I consider myself a principled working class candidate and running as a Democrat or a Republican would be the worst kind of betrayal of all the wonderfully brave souls who joined with me last year in stating very clearly that corporate money needs to be eradicated from our political process and we know it and are willing to vote accordingly.”