New Zealand Green Party Calls for Week of Action Against TPAA

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New Zealand Greens rallying across the country against the TPAA:

MSNBC: Can the Green Party break out in 2016?

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p MSNBC Karen YoungMSNBC’s Greenhouse with Tony Dokoupil recently hosted Green Party US Co-chair Karen Young to talk about the Green Party, the growing influence of Green ideas, and potential 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Watch the interview with Karen Young on MSNBC’s Greenhouse.

New York Greens nominate candidate for special congressional election to replace Grimm

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p james laneNew York Greens have nominated James Lane for the special congressional election in NY-11, which covers Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. From Green Team NY (Staten Island Live also picked up the story):

Congratulations to James Lane, who was nominated by the Green Party of New York State to run as the candidate in the upcoming special election for the open seat in the 11th Congressional District.

Lane was the GP candidate for NYC Public Advocate in 2013, receiving 6,072 votes, beating out all other alternative party candidates. He’s a long time Green, and has served on the State Committee of GPNYS.

The open seat in CD11 is a result of the resignation of Republican Michael Grimm who pled guilty to tax evasion. Grimm had just been re-elected this past November. He was challenged by Green Party candidate Hank Bardel. read more »

2012 VP candidate Cheri Honkala takes leading role in movement against Philly school budget cuts

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Photo Credit: Harvey Finkle

Photo Credit: Harvey Finkle

Cheri Honkala was the Green Party’s 2012 Vice Presidential candidate and is the national coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.  For years, she has been a part of the struggle to save Philadelphia’s public schools from budget cuts, privatization, staff cuts, and other assaults.  Her deep involvement in these efforts started when her son’s elementary school was slated for the cutting block, one of dozens of such schools in Philadelphia.

In the past month, Honkala has taken on a more public role, just as organizing and action against ongoing cuts has escalated and become more visible.  The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign issued a statement summarizing their activity on the issue in October, and why it is so important:

We live in a world where children are being denied the right to proper education. School funds are constantly being cut and now the School Reform Commission (SRC) in Philadelphia decided they are going to try and fix the school system by cutting health care benefits for teachers! What about all of the funds going towards the prison system and oil companies? This past month Shell Oil was provided a $1.7 billion tax break while $0 was allocated for textbooks. Teachers are being told it is their time to make sacrifices but they have been sacrificing all along with limited resources, over crowded classrooms and fulfilling extra roles such as counselor and nurse due to lack of funding for full time staff.On October 9th,  Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPHERC) stood with parents, students, and teachers to demand that Governor Corbett explain himself and provide full funding for our schools. They shut down the elevators, blocked our access to the Governor and kicked out the media. They even went as far as to arrest Cheri Honkala, National Coordinator of PPEHRC and parent of a student at Julia R. Masterman School who attempted to deliver a citizens arrest against the governor for crimes against education and our children. 
On October 15th, The Philly Coalition Advocating for Public Schools organized a press conference in front of the headquarters of the School district of Philadelphia in response to the SRC’s decision. During this press conference, Cheri Honkala’s message was clear: “don’t mess with our babies’ education!”

The following day, October 16th, more than 1,000 teachers, parents, students, and community supporters gathered in front of the headquarters of the School district of Philadelphia to continue to protest against the SRC’s decision. During the protest, Cheri Honkala testified in front of the SRC to address the cancelation of teacher’s contracts along with 59 other speakers. 

They continue to cut back but we will continue to fight back! Our schools will be saved no matter how long we have to fight against this broken system! We are very proud of the students, teachers, parents, and community members that continue to protest alongside PPEHRC during these important demonstrations. There is no change without the people uniting together and demanding for it! The people united will never be divided and we will win!

Honkala’s arrest was covered by the Philadelphia City Paper (and a second time, after she got out of jail), Philly Metro, and a local education blog, among others.  Honkala also wrote about it on her new blog, including a pledge for people to support the movement.  Below is a video of Honkala speaking at the above-mentioned rally:

Cuomo campaign highlights absurdity of fusion voting in New York

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As a New York native, I’ve seen firsthand how fusion voting, which allows multiple parties to endorse the same candidate, has failed to deliver on its promise of more choice at the ballot box. In practice, fusion has become a game for the political elite, with endorsements by “paper parties” like the Working Families Party, Conservative Party, and Independence Party usually earned in back room deals with implicit – or explicit – trades of political favors and campaign cash (a recent NYPIRG investigative report found that the Working Families Party gets most of its money from the Democratic Party).

p howie hawkins andrew cuomo fauxgressiveDemocrat Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign – endorsed by the Working Families Party, Independence Party, and Women’s Equality Party (created for this election cycle by pro-Cuomo interests) – has drawn unprecedented attention to the fusion system’s shortcomings.

From Diane Ravitch, author of “Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools”:

“[Cuomo’s] name will appear on four different party ballot lines — but all four are still a vote for Cuomo.  I refuse to vote for privatization, fracking, and corruption… on any ballot line.”

From Arthur Schwartz, Democratic Party District Leader, Greenwich Village:

“I cannot, in good conscience urge my neighbors to vote for Andrew Cuomo on any line. He is not a true representative of the progressive spirit of the Democratic Party, much less the Working Families Party, and his Women’s Equality Party is a fraud.”

From Richard Kim of The Nation magazine (which strongly supports the Working Families Party), on the WFP’s endorsement of Andrew Cuomo: read more »

It’s On Like Donkey Kong

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Today the South Carolina Election Commission wrote Green Party co-chair Sue Edward to tell her that House Speaker Bobby Harrell’s name will be on the November ballot, but voters will be informed that he is ineligible to serve. The message from the Commission does not make it clear what will happen if Harrell wins the most votes.


The State Election Commission has received notification from the Clerk of the House that Bobby Harrell has formally withdrawn as a candidate for State House of Representatives District 114. The election for House 114 will go forward on November 4. While Mr. Harrell’s name will appear on the ballot, he is no longer eligible to win the election. The county voter registration and elections offices will place prominent notices in all polling places to inform voters that Mr. Harrell is no longer a viable candidate for House 114.

Harrell had served for more than twenty years in the state legislature without a single challenge until he faced Green Party candidate Larry Carter Center in 2012. Despite years of allegations and rumors of corruption, Harrell never faced a competitor in the primary.

Opposition News website features article on California Greens approaching 30.

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Laura Wells

In an article Opposition News, writes of the California Green Party as it approaches it’s 30th anniversary. The article goes into some detail about the founding of the Green Party as well as individual Green Party races and causes, such as opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Ed Rabel of WV Mountain Party will be the guest on today’s episode of Occupy The Microphone

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On today’s show we will be joined by Ed Rabel. Ed Rabel is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist whose reporting experience spans three decades of worldwide coverage.

He is today a highly-respected strategic communications counselor and adjunct professor of journalism at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communications.

Rabel’s award-winning work at NBC News focused heavily in the defense and national security arena. He was the Pentagon correspondent for NBC News from 1993 to 1997 and then served as the network’s Cuba expert until 1998. In his tenure at NBC, which began in 1985, he was the first to report on Israel’s illegal transfer of U.S. missile technology to China and brought viewers exclusive coverage of the U.S. government’s closely guarded Nuclear Emergency Search Team project. He is a two-time Emmy winner and three-time Emmy nominee, as well as the recipient of one of journalism’s most prestigious awards, the George Polk Award.

Please invite everyone you know to join us live at five on Occupy The Microphone

Ed Rabel

If you would like, you can listen to the show streaming or download the episode here.

Daisy Deadhead Explains on Occupy The Microphone 910 am and 105.7 fm, WOLI, Duck Dynasty Got Fired Because Of The TEA Party, Republicans And Anti-Union Forces. No One Raised A Stink To Protect Occupy’s Free Sheech.

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South Carolina Green wins just under .5% in special congressional race

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South Caronlina Green Party stalwart Eugene Platt was unable to secure much in the way of press coverage, and was excluded from the only debate between after the Republican and Democratic nominations were finished. Despite being the only veteran in the race, and despite almost 30 years in elected office in the state, Platt was kept out of a debate sponsored by AOL owned “Charleston Patch” held at The Citadel.

The Democrats ran Elizabeth Colbert-Busch against disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford, famous for disappearing from the state to visit his paramour in Argentina. Colbert-Busch is the sister of Steven Colbert. Sanford beat Colbert-Busch by a 10 point margin.

The author of this report also submitted an article to Yahoo! Voices, which they have published. A link to that article is here.

Green Party to livestream Chris Hedges keynote at NJ GP annual meeting, Sun. 4/9

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges will deliver the keynote address at the New Jersey Green Party’s 2013 convention in New Brunswick on Sunday, April 9. The meeting will be broadcast online on the Green Party US livestream channel – click here to RSVP for the livestream and invite friends. More information from the Green Party of New Jersey website:

17th Annual Green Party of New Jersey Convention

welcomes Author and Truthdig Columnist

Chris Hedges as this year’s keynote speaker. read more »

Former Green Party VP Candidate Pat LaMarche interviews Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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I met with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio this week. (You can read the full transcript of our conversation on my Facebook page.) I was excited to meet with him for many reasons. I was hoping against hope that he could clear up something about the role the criminal justice system plays in the lives of the poor. But all that aside, I thought he might answer some questions that were planted in my brain earlier on our Babes of Wrath EPIC Journey: why in the world kids in Arizona get charged a per diem for their incarceration.

Short answer? He didn’t know. No, it’s not that he didn’t know why, he just didn’t know they were charged at all. The kids are charged in Coconino County, Arizona — but it appears not in Maricopa County. It must be subjective. After all, Sheriff Arpaio decides what the kids in his jails have, including a chain gang. When we spoke, the Sheriff was boasting about his equal opportunity chain gangs. He brought up that he had male and female chain gangs because he didn’t want to be sexist. That’s when I brought up his child chain gangs. He was a little dismayed that I even knew about them, seeing as nobody has ever really protested his putting children to hard labor. When I asked if he still had them he said, “Well yeah. I thought I’d take a lot of heat, [but] nobody seemed to care.”

Read the full story at New Clear Vision.

GP meeting location for #ForwardOnClimate

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A note was posted Saturday afternoon on giving the location that Green Party Activists will be meeting for the #ForwardOnClimate rally.

Join Greens from around the country this Sunday, Feb. 17 in Washington, DC to be part of the massive Forward On Climate (#ForwardOnClimate) demonstration endorsed by the Green Party of the United States.

WHERE TO MEET: Green Party members and friends will gather at 11:30 AM on Sunday at the carousel in front of the Smithsonian Institution Building (Castle) on the south side of the Mall, at 1000 Jefferson Drive. See Map.

The #ForwardOnClimate Rally begins on the Mall (northeast corner of the Washington Monument) at noon.

The Obama administration has continued to delayed a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. We must demand an outright rejection of tar-sands oil. It’s time to bring renewable energy sources online. Climate Justice Now!

McKinney Won’t Appear on Nov. Ballot

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Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney won’t be on the ballot as a Green Party candidate for the 4th District congressional seat now held by Hank Johnson.

Neither McKinney nor the Green Party presented any petititons to the Georgia Secretary of State’s (SOS) office that could have put her on the ballot, said Jared Thomas, a spokesman for the SOS office.

The SOS said she needed to collect 18,859 signatures — 5 percent of the 377,189 active and eligible voters in the 2010 open election — by Aug. 7.

Parts of the 4th District include Decatur, Avondale Estates, Stone Mountain and Lithonia.

Tim Fleming of the SOS has said the Green Party had to use petitions to get on the congressional ballot because the party has never garnered enough statewide votes to automatically earn a ballot spot.

Emails and voice messages to state Green Party candidates seeking comment were not returned. McKinney could not be reached.

McKinney was a six-term member of Congress as a Democrat. She made headlines by backing the PLO, questioning whether President Bush had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and being stopped by a police officer when she tried to enter the capitol.

In the November general election, Johnson will face Republican Chris Vaughn, a  minister from Conyers.

GPUS Campaign Coordinating Committee Webinar Debut

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Tuesday, September 4th, 9-10 PM Eastern

This webinar is designed for candidates, and those active in Green campaigns, to learn more about campaign strategy.  This particular session will focus on:

* preparing to have an effective presence at the polls
* best material distribution strategies
* how to talk to potential voters
* targeting constituencies
* and use of volunteers for things such as door knocking and phone banking

This call is also ideal for those coordinating local efforts on the Stein/Honkala campaign.

This webinar will be led by CCC member and Green Officeholder Jesse Townley.  Read more about Jesse below.

Jesse Townley is an elected member of the Berkeley Rent Board, which administers the city’s rent control ordinance. He was first elected to the Rent Board in 2008, and re-elected to a 4-year post as the highest vote-getter in 2010. He ran for Berkeley City Council unsuccessfully in 2004 in a 3-way race, and was the Volunteer Coordinator for Aimee Allison’s 2005 campaign for Oakland City Council.  He’s also volunteered on umpteen campaigns doing everything from knocking on doors, making phone calls, and setting up fundraisers.

And save the date for the October call — GETTING OUT THE VOTE — Tuesday, October 2nd, 9 PM Eastern.