Flowers arrested while protesting Kunduz bombing at Senate hearing

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protest-against-bombing-of-hospital-e1444147716834Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers was arrested Tuesday morning at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on instruction of committee chairman Sen. John McCain. Flowers and several CODEPINK activists attended the hearing to protest the U.S. bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan Saturday that killed at least 22 people including patients and children.

The activists were wearing medical garb marked with fake blood, and Flowers was holding a sign which read “BOMBING HOSPITALS= WAR CRIME”. On being removed from the hearing room, Flowers said, “Bombing hospitals is a war crime. Stop the bombing now.” She later said from the Capitol Hill jail, “There needs to be an independent investigation into the hospital bombing in Kunduz because targeting hospitals is against international law. I am appalled first that the US did this and second that instead of taking responsibility, the military is trying to avoid it.”

Free and Equal sets presidential debate for August 30, 2016

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freeandequalBallot Access News reports that Free and Equal has scheduled its 2016 presidential election debate for August 30 at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

The 2012 Free and Equal Debate, which can be viewed online, included Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

New Zealand Greens video opposes the TPP

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Smiley, Reich discuss Stein’s position on banks

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robert-reich_200_280_80Former labor secretary Robert Reich appeared on PBS’s Tavis Smiley Monday evening. At one point during the wide-ranging interview, Smiley asked Reich, “Can you imagine any candidate in the field right now — Republican, Democrat, independent, third party — can you imagine any candidate in the field right now, maybe Jill Stein if she becomes the Green Party nominee, maybe Bernie Sanders,” saying they would use their presidential “authority to break up the big banks?”

Reich replied, “Well, it depends on who you ask. I think Bernie Sanders has made it very clear that he would. Maybe Jill Stein as well.”

Stein recently appeared on Smiley’s program.

Stein says corporate/political “leviathan” is collapsing

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votegreenChris Hedges writes at Truthdig about his recent meeting with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Gayle McLaughlin, the former Green Party mayor of Richmond, California.

Stein told Hedges, “A hostile corporate force occupies us all. Corporations are polluting our air and our water. They are degrading our jobs or exporting them. … But the leviathan is so over-zealous, so heavy-handed and so overfunded that it is beginning to self-destruct. … A recent Wall Street Journal poll shows that 50% of Americans no longer identify as being either Democrat or Republican. The system is crumbling from its own internal decrepitude. Our push is to try and help that happen.”

Cobb: Amend Constitution to limit money in politics

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votegreenDavid Cobb, who was the 2004 Green Party presidential nominee, writes at The Huffington Post about Move To Amend, an effort to pass a constitutional amendment that would state that “the rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only,” require federal, state, and local governments to “regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidate’s own contributions and expenditures,” and state that “the judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment,” among other clauses.

Cobb writes, “Corporations are not merely exercising political power today — they have become de facto ruling institutions.” He says that “money equals political speech is the equally odious court-created doctrine that holds that making a political contribution or spending money to influence an election is a form of speech protected by the First Amendment.”

The Green Party is not a Single-Issue Party

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Great piece breaking down some of the misconceptions people have of the Greens.

Syracuse college columnist: Voting Green not a waste

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votegreenIn her column in The Daily Orange of Syracuse University, Keely Sullivan writes that while Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “doesn’t have the name-recognition of a Bush or a Clinton, she’s the type of candidate voters are waiting for.”

Sullivan writes that “for candidates like Stein, a lack of media coverage adds to the bigger issue: third-party politics has a bad rap. However, minor-party agendas are exactly what voters are asking for this election season — they just don’t know it yet. Despite preconceived notions that third-party politics do not belong in the big leagues, voting Green can be a solution for liberals who think Democratic candidates can do more.”

Sullivan argues that “voting Green is only as powerful as the voters themselves. … If people who wanted to vote Green actually committed to the party, people like Jill Stein could become a household name.”

Baltimore minister arrested in Gray demonstrations seeks council seat as Green

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westThe Baltimore Sun reports that Westley West, a minister at Faith Empowered Ministries in West Baltimore, Maryland, “who recently was arrested after a demonstration outside of a pre-trial hearing for the Freddie Gray case,” is seeking the Green Party nomination for Baltimore City Council.

West “was arrested in early September on charges he was attempting to incite a riot for stopping traffic. He has said he was involved in a ‘peaceful protest where I was targeted as a leader.'” He did not comment for the Sun article, but the newspaper notes that he said recently, “I’m spending more time preaching funerals than having food drives and things like that because too many people are losing their lives to gun violence.”

Newspaper endorses Marin County, California Green for school board

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Marnie_GlickmanThe Marin Independent Journal has endorsed Marin County, California Green Party co-chair Marnie Glickman for the Dixie School District school board.

The newspaper writes that Glickman is one of just two candidates “who are parents of children in Dixie schools. That day-to-day contact with district schools is helpful to any school board. … Glickman, best known around Marin for her work with the Green Party, manages a nonprofit and has two children attending Dixie schools.”

Cherney, Kreml continue moves toward formal presidential candidacies

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steinholyokeDarryl Cherney, who is exploring a Green Party presidential candidacy, said on Facebook that if he enters the race, “it will be in January. I am truly exploring and getting your signatures is part of that process.”

Meanwhile, candidate Bill Kreml addressed Maryland Greens one weekend after addressing the New York Green Party state committee. Kreml has announced his candidacy but has not yet formally filed with the Federal Election Commission; he says he has raised more than $4,000 so far and will file when he reaches $5,000, as required by law.

Stein campaigns at Holyoke, Massachusetts harvest festival

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steinholyokeGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein made a campaign stop at the Nuestras Raices Harvest Festival in Holyoke, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

According to The Springfield Republican, Stein “praised Holyoke’s successes in spurring economic development, saying she’d like to reproduce them across the country.” She said, “I feel like I’ve been on the front lines of the community and that Holyoke very much is America, but also that the inspiration and the vision of the local small businesses here, of the organizations, the social services organizations and the community development organizations — this is the kind of inspiration we need to share across the country.”

The newspaper says Stein “acknowledged the hurdles she faces running as a Green Party candidate, but remained optimistic that her campaign will resonate with voters.” She said, “It’s all about getting the word out. Simply networking among millennials in debt could be enough to win the election.”

Flowers among attendees at opening of Nader tort law museum

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naderflowersMaryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers was among those on hand as two-time Green Party presidential nominee Ralph Nader opened the American Museum of Tort Law in his hometown of Winsted, Connecticut, on Sunday. In a New York Times interview before the museum opened Nader said “he hoped the museum would teach a new generation about the vital benefits of personal injury lawsuits and even, dare it be said, plaintiff lawyers.”

Green Party launches new

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gporgThe Green Party of the United States has unveiled a revamped website at

According to a party release, the site features the “latest Green Party statements, press releases, and news on the front page,” links to state and local parties and caucuses and affiliate groups, and also has sections on the party’s history and platform. There are also sections on current campaigns, progress on ballot access, and ways to get involved and donate to the party.

Greens welcome Pope Francis to the U.S.

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steinThe Green Party welcomed Pope Francis to the United States in a message written by co-chair Andrea Mérida with assistance from other Roman Catholic party members.

They write that the Pope is “our strong ally in the struggle against the decimation of our environment,” but also call on the Pope to “begin the process of rescinding the canonization of Junípero Serra, the Franciscan priest of California canonized on Wednesday” for his role in “the atrocities committed against California’s Native American nations.”

They write, “As Green Catholics, we recognize that our love for the natural world and our thirst for justice for the oppressed was born deep within the bosom of our faith. It informs our actions even today. Pope Francis’ words have inspired many of us to reconnect with that tradition. In that spirit, we invite him to maintain this dialog and collaboration as we seek economic systems that value people over profit and work to end the global climate crisis, for the good of all humankind.”