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Hirsh to run for New York state Senate as Green

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hirshNewsday reports that Green Party candidate Laurence Hirsh “has formed a campaign committee to run in the April 19 special election in Nassau County’s 9th Senate District for the seat vacated by ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.”

Hirsh was a Green candidate for the Nassau County Legislature in 2015.

Green U.S. House candidate Funiciello calls for living wage

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funicielloMatt Funiciello, the Green Party candidate for the New York 21st District U.S. House seat, co-writes a Huffington Post piece with Siena College economist Aaron Pacitti calling for the establishment of a living wage.

They write, “Beginning on January 1, 2016, the minimum wage in New York rose to $9.00 per hour, a 12 percent increase from 2014. Additionally, the minimum wage for tipped workers increased to $7.50 per hour. Although a minimum wage that rises faster than the cost of living is a good policy to reduce poverty and inequality, small incremental increases over multiple years are not sufficient to keep full-time minimum wage employees out of poverty. A $15 minimum wage is needed today and should be indexed to inflation to ensure that low-wage workers can be economically self-sufficient.”

They argue that “the minimum wage is far too low for an economy as rich as ours, forcing full-time workers to live in poverty and rely on public support. It’s time we end consumer and taxpayer subsidies to businesses that employ minimum wage workers, and make the minimum wage a living wage.”

Green Party candidates discuss State of the Union

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Several Green Party candidates for federal office expressed their thoughts on the State of the Union during the Green Party livecast Tuesday evening.


Joe DeMare, Ohio U.S. Senate:


Margaret Flowers, Maryland U.S. Senate:


Arn Menconi, Colorado U.S. Senate:


Shamako Noble, California U.S. Senate:


Matt Funiciello, New York 21st District U.S. House:


Joe Manchik, Ohio 12th District U.S. House:


In addition, Green Party national co-chair Andrea Mérida spoke in both English and en español:

Tomlinson to run for U.S. House in Texas as Green

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tomlinsonPeace activist Rusty Tomlinson announced Wednesday that he will seek the Green Party nomination for the Texas 13th District U.S. House seat. The seat is currently held by Republican William “Mac” Thornberry, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Tomlinson told The Amarillo Globe-News, “[Thornberry] is in the position of keeping the United States strong militarily. I am more of a pacifist. I believe in, instead of seeking to be a world power, we should seek to be an equal partner of the family of nations…and start with talking instead of killing.”

Tomlinson, a retired special education teacher, is running under the slogan “A Radical Change”. He told the newspaper, “I will work to drastically reduce the size of our military and its budget. I will work to change our nation from the world’s only superpower, to an equal partner in the family of nations, ready to work as an equal.”

KAMR-TV Amarillo had a report on Tomlinson’s campaign, which can be viewed online.

Two to face off in Green U.S. House primary in Illinois Fifth District

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illinoisThe Chicago Tribune reports that two candidates, Warren Grimsley and Rob Sherman, will face off in a Green Party primary in the Illinois Fifth District U.S. House race on March 15. A third candidate, Richard Mayers, was removed from the ballot after a challenge by the Grimsley campaign.

Ken Menzel, general counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections, “said the objection to Mayers was upheld because he is not a registered voter, which makes him ineligible as a candidate for any party.” Mayers, a white supremacist with a criminal record, has been a frequent candidate for office in Illinois.

Gray Whann registers Green in advance of Glens Falls, New York mayoral run

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redesign 4 - patti whannNew York’s Glens Falls Post-Star reports that Patti Gray Whann, a former Republican candidate for local office who had recently been registered with not party, has registered with the Green Party “as she solidified her decision to run for Glens Falls mayor in 2017.”

She said, “To be a registered independent, you’re not a party and you have no line. Although I haven’t gotten my cute little postcard back from the Board of Elections yet, I filled out my paperwork and put it in the mail.” The newspaper says Gray Whann “was a local organizer in Saratoga Springs for Republican John McCain’s first presidential campaign in 2000, and she represented the Republican viewpoint at a presidential candidate proxy debate in 2004 at Crandall Public Library.”

West drops Green Party affiliation to run for Baltimore council

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westThe Baltimore Sun reports that Westley West, the Baltimore pastor “who led many of the protest marches following the death of Freddie Gray in April,” changed his party affiliation from Green to Democrat as he launched his campaign for city council this weekend. West had said in September that he would run as a Green.

Louisiana Greens plan to run first-ever House candidate in First District

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LouisianaGreen Party of Louisiana activist Stewart Eastman tells The New Orleans Times-Picayune, “The New Year’s resolution of the Green Party of St. Tammany is to recruit and run a candidate for Congress this year for the first time.”

Eastman said, “Last year our Green candidate got about four percent of the vote in St. Tammany in the state elections, which is more than the two percent often used to consider a candidate serious. We’ll try to do even better in 2016 with the environment.”

St. Tammany is located in Louisiana’s First Congressional District, currently represented by Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

St. Paul Pioneer Press praises Turner

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turnerIn a year-end editorial recounting some of its best editorial table interviews of 2015, Minnesota’s St. Paul Pioneer Press writes, “Among the best conversations of the campaign cycle was the one we had with Rashad Turner, the leader of the Black Lives Matter St. Paul movement. He ran with Green Party endorsement as a write-in candidate [for St. Paul school board] and has since declared his intention to run for the Minnesota House of Representatives. In an on-point, hour-long conversation, he articulated a student-centered approach — a good fit with our ‘kids first’ thinking — that includes early intervention to avoid problems later, and the cost of those problems to society.”

Green Party of Texas puts out call for 2016 candidates

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texasThe Green Party of Texas has put out a call for candidates for 2016 in advance of the December 14 filing deadline.

The party said, “The Green Party ballot line is set up and waiting for people like you to participate in the democratic process. Yes, the system is rigged, and skewed, and gerrymandered, and full of big bucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game.”

The announcement had a link to the form with the Texas Secretary of State’s office required to file for office. There is no filing fee.

Green Party will have two competitive U.S. House primaries in Illinois

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illinoisAccording to Ballot Access News, the Green Party is the only party slated to have a competitive primary in the Illinois Fifth District U.S. House race, where Warren Grimsley, Richard Mayers, and Rob Sherman are all running. Democratic incumbent Rep. Mike Quigley is unopposed in his party’s primary, while there is no Republican candidate. Green Nancy Wade took 6.1% in a three-way race in the district in 2014.

There is also a competitive Green primary in the 12th District, where Paula Bradshaw will face Sadona Folkner. There was no Green on the November ballot two years ago; in 2012, Bradshaw took 5.6% in a three-way race.

The primaries will be held on March 15.

Greens selected as mayor and vice mayor of Fairfax, California

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goddardGreen Party member Renée Goddard has been selected to serve as mayor of Fairfax, California.

Goddard, a member of the Fairfax Town Council since 2013, was appointed by the other members of the council. Fellow Green councilmember John Reed, who served as mayor previously, was selected to be vice mayor.

When she became a councilmember two years ago, Goddard said, “If government is a disgrace which makes you feel ashamed before your children, then it’s time for a change. The Green Party stands for what I stand for, and is willing to look at the larger collage of people’s needs and human rights and drive the necessary steps to accomplish the job.”

Turner to run for Minnesota state legislature

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turnerRashad Turner, who ran a write-in campaign for the St. Paul, Minnesota school board this year with the endorsement of the Green Party, will run for the Minnesota state legislature in 2016.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Turner, “he lead organizer for Black Lives Matter St. Paul…said Saturday that not enough progress has been made in St. Paul’s communities of color after three terms of DFL Rep. Rena Moran representing District 65.”

Turner “has yet to accept a party endorsement in this campaign but said he is leaning toward the Green Party again.”

Waterford, Connecticut, Green Party notches first win

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Waterford, CT Green Party LogoConnecticut’s New London Day reports that “two years ago, the members of the Waterford Green Party were trying to just get candidates from their party on to the town’s ballot,” but on Tuesday, “the small but determined group had successfully run a candidate for a townwide office — albeit in an uncontested race — and drummed up thousands of votes for the four candidates on the ballot.”

Local Green Party Co-Chair Joshua Kelly was elected Zoning Board of Appeals alternate. He told The Day, “We’re reaching people. It means that people want a new voice in the government. … We see ourselves at least as different from the Democrats as the Democrats are different from Republicans. We just want to make sure the conversation is being had.”

There were 14 Greens on the ballot across Connecticut Tuesday, and four were elected: Kelly, incumbent New London School Board member Mirna Martinez, and two candidates for New Canaan constable, John Amarilios and Hector Lopez.

At least 10 of 12 California Greens on ballot this week elected

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leafyg-website_0The Green Party of California announced that at least 10 of the 12 Greens or Green-endorsed candidates on the ballot across the state on Tuesday were elected. The winners were:

  • James Clay Carver, South Bay Union School District Governing Board Member (incumbent)
  • Jacob Coan, South Bay Union School District Governing Board Member (incumbent)
  • Nanette Corley, Whitehorn Resort Improvement District #1 Director (incumbent)
  • Sean Frame, Placerville Union School District Governing Board Member (incumbent)
  • Marnie Glickman, Dixie School District Governing Board Member
  • Renee Goddard, Fairfax Town Council (incumbent)
  • Avito Miranda, Shoreline Unified School District Governing Board Member
  • Deborah Rogers, Bennett Valley Fire Protection District Director
  • Chris Skyhawk, Albion/Little River Fire Protection District 3 Director (incumbent)
  • Carol Vander Meer, Manila Community Services District Director