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Green Party of Washington’s Grage discusses COP21 with Iran’s PressTV

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climatemarchGreen Party of Washington State Vice Chair Jody Grage was interviewed by Iran’s PressTV about demonstrations at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that begins Monday in Paris.

Grage said Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “will be at COP21 as well as some of the Global Greens. They are calling for very specific guidelines for countries and for the developed countries who have contributed more than their share, to also pay more than their share of what it will take to reverse this trend. … I think that the people around the world are becoming more and more determined that something has to be done. I’m a retired teacher and I used to have a banner up in my room that said: ‘Good planets are hard to find.’ And we’re not taking very good care of this one.”

Stein expected to receive federal matching funds in January

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CJ9J5jiUAAEO4RLAccording to Ballot Access News, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Democrat Martin O’Malley are likely to be the only two presidential candidates “who will receive public funding in January 2016.”

Stein expects to meet the qualification for federal matching funds by January 4.

Kreml: “The principal rival is China”

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kremlGreen Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml said on Facebook this week that “the principal rival” of the United States is China.

Kreml wrote, “If you think of it in a historical context, consider what is going on with our relationship to Russia in contrast to what Nixon did with China. Nixon visited China to separate that nation from our chief rival, the Russians, albeit that they were both of the communist faith. Why can’t Obama see that his hostility to Russia, and his siding with Turkey, Qatar, the Israelis, etc. directly contradicts the logic of Nixon? Now, the principal rival is China. And yet Obama has done nothing but destroy the trust that a potential ally, Russia, may have granted to us. This rookie is really hurting us.”

Stein maintains lead in Green Party Watch presidential poll, with 63%

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pollJill Stein maintains her lead in Green Party Watch’s online poll on the 2016 Green presidential nomination.

So far, Stein is backed by 63% of respondents, with Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry at nine percent, Darryl Cherney at seven percent, Kent Mesplay at three percent, and Bill Kreml at one percent. Seventeen percent prefer “someone else”. You can vote here.

Stein has met matching funds requirement in nine states

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steindnBallot Access News reports that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “has met the legal requirement for primary season matching funds in nine states: California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. She needs eleven more states to be eligible.”

Stein, Cornel West to protest Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws today

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20151120-jill-n-cornel-halfpageGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will join Cornel West for an “Un-Block The Vote” rally at Georgia State University in Atlanta this afternoon at 4:00 p.m., followed by another event at Project South at 7:00 p.m.

The organizers write, “For decades, Georgia Republicans and Democrats have protected themselves against third parties with unfair laws that require 50,000 of voter signatures to place a candidate on the statewide ballot, a rule which does NOT apply to them. Without a third party on the ballot, you cannot vote for peace, or the abolition of student and consumer debt. Without a third party on the ballot there is no way to vote against gentrification or Common Core or privatization or mass incarceration. Join us and Cornel West this Friday and help us kick off the drive to get 50,000 and get Green Party 2016 presidential candidate on the ballot in Georgia.”

Curry addresses Metro Detroit Greens

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Green Party presidential candidate Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry addressed the Metro Detroit Greens in Hazel Park, Michigan, on Thursday evening. No details about her remarks are yet available.

Stein invited to meet with Russian leaders

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steinGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has been invited to Russia later this year.

Stein said that after attending the UN Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris, she is “planning to visit Moscow on a mission for international peace and diplomacy.”

Stein said, “I’ve already been invited to a dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and to meet with members of Russia’s parliament, including the heads of two international affairs committees. I’m meeting with Russian leaders to gauge their reactions to a new foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. In particular, I want to discuss the potential for an agreement to eliminate nuclear weapons and use the vast resources thus saved to fight climate change.”

Stein lamented the “too many wasted opportunities for dialogue and cooperation with Russia (and many other countries) in recent years, due to the pointlessly confrontational bipartisan foreign policy known as the ‘Washington Consensus.'”

Update on Green Party presidential campaigns

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GreenParty2016Several Green Party presidential candidates were on the campaign trail this weekend:

  • Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry appeared at the Green Party of Ohio’s Green Candidate Recruitment Conference on Saturday in Columbus. She also appeared on Green Party Green TV, a production of the Independent Green Party of Virginia. (The episode is not yet available online.)
  • William Kreml addressed the North Carolina Green Party Fall Meeting in Huntersville on Saturday. He said he “suggested that the vice president should serve at the pleasure of the president,” and that the current way of selecting the vice president is “still a ticking time bomb in the Constitution.”
  • Jill Stein is on a four-day tour of North Carolina that continues through Tuesday. She made several stops in Asheville on Saturday and Sunday, and held a news conference there along with representatives of the state Libertarian Party to call for ballot access reform. Stein said, “The American people are clamoring for more voices and more choices.”

Stein, heading to North Carolina, says campaign “is going awesome”

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JStein_298x262xYes! Weekly, a Greensboro, North Carolina, publication, interviewed Jill Stein, a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, in advance of Stein’s upcoming four-day campaign tour of the state.

Stein said, “The campaign is going awesome. I’m about to head to Baltimore where we have a new candidate who is a new entry into the party and is very much at the core of the Black Lives Matter movement in Baltimore. It’s a trend all around the country where so many of the social movements who’ve been thrown under the bus by the big parties have discovered that they have a new support system for political voice. … I just came from Texas where there was so much engagement from Black Lives Matter, from the immigrant rights community, the communities fighting fracking, it’s just very wonderful to see these vibrant social movements that have come together, really, under the framework of the Green Party.”

Asked why “these social movements [are beginning] to gravitate toward the Green Party,” Stein replied, “I think this is a development that has been decades in the making. As the Democratic Party became sold out to the big money interests, like the Republicans, everyday people have been increasingly squeezed. I think there was a lot of hope that the Obama Administration was going to represent salvation of the Democratic Party. To put it very simply, it didn’t happen.”

Stein will speak at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte on Saturday, at the University of North Carolina-Asheville on Sunday, at Guilford College in Greensboro on Monday, and at Duke University on Tuesday. Details on her schedule are available here.

Hypothetical Green ticket wins 3.3% in mock presidential election

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wiumpeA hypothetical Green Party 2016 national ticket of Jill Stein for president and Knox College Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Peter Schwartzman for vice president received 3.3% of the vote in the Western Illinois University Mock Presidential Election, a two-week simulation of the nomination and campaign processes of the four largest U.S. political parties.

Stein and Schwartzman, a Galesburg, Illinois, alderman, were nominated at a mock Green Party National Convention on October 29.

Stein says her campaign can be “Plan B” for Sanders supporters

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11796216_1002418086465048_1439442244661697614_n.jpg_1718483346On its website, teleSUR interviews Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein about her campaign.

Stein told teleSUR, “The Democratic Party is not going to allow Bernie Sanders to squeak through, so where would we be if we don’t have a Plan B? When Bernie gets knocked out of contention, there would be no place for people to go if not for our campaign. The difference between our campaign and Bernie’s is that we’re not looking for the Democratic Party to save us. We are establishing an independent base for political resistance where we can continue to grow, because there is no relief on the horizon and we need to get busy right now building the lifeboat we’ll need to rescue ourselves and our children.”

Cherney posts platform for prospective presidential campaign

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about_Darryl_Cherney_lgDarryl Cherney, who is exploring a Green Party presidential candidacy, has shared his platform online and is seeking signatures of support.

Cherney says he has “been an Earth First! organizer and troubadour for 29 years,” and is “a film producer (Who Bombed Judi Bari?, 2012), recording artist, fundraiser, firewood provider, and a manager of affordable housing. … As a registered member of the Green Party since 1990, I held office hold for four years on our local healthcare district from 2006-2010,” and ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1988 “prior to the Green Party being recognized by the state of California.”

Kreml files presidential candidacy documents with FEC

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kremlGreen Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml has filed his candidacy documents with the Federal Election Commission.

Kreml had said he would file with the FEC once he raised $5,000. Kreml says he “went comfortably over the $5,000 threshold several days ago,” with “one contribution for $2,500.” He will address Wisconsin Greens on Saturday.

Green presidential candidate forum scheduled for January 23 in San Diego

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candidatesThe Green Party of California and the national Green Party Presidential Campaign Support Committee will host a presidential candidate forum on Saturday, January 23, in San Diego.

The forum will be livestreamed, and will be followed by a dinner and reception with the candidates in conjunction with the GPCA General Assembly that weekend.