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GOP poll: Green U.S. House candidate in New York at 13%

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sonaliA new poll by Harper Polling commissioned by the National Republican Congressional Committee shows Matt Funiciello, the expected Green Party candidate for U.S. House in New York’s 21st District next year, at 13% — within the margin of error against the likely Democratic candidate, Mike Derrick.

Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik, who is serving her first term, leads the poll at 51%. The survey had a margin of error of +/- 4.55%.

Funiciello was the Green candidate for the seat in 2014, receiving 11% of the vote.

Minnesota Greens join Black Lives Matter march

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honkalaMembers of the Green Party of Minnesota joined Black Lives Matter activists Sunday in marching in support of ‎Marcus Abrams‬, a 17-year-old black teenager with autism who was beaten by city Metro Transit Police on August 31.

Green Party of Minnesota spokesperson Brandon Long said, “It’s time that police are not only trained to be culturally sensitive in their interactions with communities of color, but are also competent enough to deal with community members who have disabilities and mental illness. How Marcus was treated by Metro Transit police is unacceptable.”

Stein, Flowers to hold Baltimore meet-and-greet

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flowersGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers will hold a meet-and-greet on Wednesday, September 23, at 7:00 p.m. at 402 East Lake Avenue in Baltimore.

Flowers, a pediatrician, left practice in 2007 to advocate full-time for a single-payer healthcare system and served as Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program in 2009 and 2010, during the debate over the Affordable Care Act. She was co-founder of the Mobilization for Health Care Reform and serves as co-director of It’s Our Economy. She is also co-host of Clearing the FOG on We Act Radio.

Green Party of New York State issues 9/11 anniversary statement

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gpnys_logoThe Green Party of New York State has issued a statement on the 14th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, saying the party “remembers the victims and their families who have suffered a tragic loss on this day. The bravery and compassion of first responders, trade unionists, health care workers, community activists and ordinary citizens on September 11th and the days and weeks to follow brought NYC and the country together. Unfortunately, our government used this awful tragedy to catapult our country into endless wars abroad and violation of rights at home that persists today.”

The Green Party of New York State “strongly opposed the bombing of Afghanistan and the rounding up and detention of scores of Muslims who were targeted as a threat only because of their religion or nationality,” and said “acts of terror, whether committed by ISIS, the CIA or other organizations intent on wreaking havoc, are never justified but should also never be used as justification for persecution or war.”

Hawkins urges young voters to join Stein’s Young Greens Rising

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New York political blog State of Politics reports that veteran state Green Party activist and candidate Howie Hawkins has urged young voters to join presidential candidate Jill Stein’s Young Greens Rising organization, which will officially launch Tuesday evening.

According to the Stein campaign, at 8:00 p.m. EDT Tuesday, Stein “will host a livestreamed discussion with students and young people” to “discuss Young Greens Rising and her Power to the People Plan, and take questions via a moderated live chat.”

Hawkins ran for U.S. House in 2006, U.S. Senate in 2008, and governor of New York in 2010 and 2014. His gubernatorial showing in 2010 secured Green Party ballot access for the next four years, and his 4.9% showing in 2014 boosted the Greens to the fourth line on state ballots for the next four years, surpassing the Working Families and Independence parties. He has said he does not plan to again seek elected office.

Maine Greens re-elect secretary, name Rensenbrink to national committee

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The Maine Green Independent Party “has re-elected Sam Chandler, who ran for the Maine House in Portland’s District 36 in 2014, as its secretary,” The Bangor Daily News reports. Chandler “co-chairs Patricia Jackson and Gil Harris, as well as treasurer Mako Bates on the party’s executive committee.”

In addition, the Greens named John Rensenbrink, “who was instrumental in founding the party, to a one-year term on the national Green Party committee and the Green Party International Committee. This continues involvement Rensenbrink has had with the party dating back three decades.”

Green candidate submits signatures for Portland, Maine mayoral race

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Maine Green Independent Party candidate Tom MacMillan has submitted ballot access signatures for his run for mayor of Portland, Maine. The Portland Press-Herald says “he is running, in part, based on his role to place a question on the November ballot asking residents to raise the local minimum wage to $15 per hour.”

In 2012, MacMillan finished second in a three-way race for state representative with 27% of the vote, easily outpacing the Republican nominee’s 14% but losing to the incumbent Democrat, who received 58%. MacMillan ran again last year.

Philadelphia Green Party candidate faces petition challenge despite court ruling

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Ballot Access News reports that Glenn C. Davis, Green Party candidate for Philadelphia city commissioner, is facing a petition challenge “even though on July 24, 2015, a U.S. District Court struck down Pennsylvania’s challenge procedures as applied to the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties.”

Davis is the chair of the Green Party of Philadelphia.

Upcoming Green Party conventions in NY, AZ, MA, PA, SC, ME, CA

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From p Green Party US new logoGreen Party US:

Spring is the time for annual conventions of many of our affiliated State & Local Green Parties. A partial list of upcoming meetings is listed here, including New York, Arizona, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maine, and California.

Conventions have already been held in New Jersey & Illinois. Our hardy Greens in Maine held their annual meeting in January.

Campaign School and Spring Nominating Convention Syracuse, New York
Saturday and Sunday, May 16 & 17th

Saturday, May 30 in Flagstaff

The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) invites all registered Greens & guests to attend our next General Membership meeting & 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Saturday, May 30 in Worcester

Our theme, Healing Our Communities, is intended to set the tone of positive engagement and particularly encouraging and empowering people to run for elected office.

Saturday, May 30 in Swarthmore read more »

Colorado Greens propose bill for local control of minimum wage

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p harry hempyFrom the Denver Post:

The governor’s race is over, but Harry Hempy and Green Party leaders in Boulder County and surrounding areas haven’t given up their fight for local control over minimum wages.

The Greater Boulder Green Party — which also includes members from Broomfield and Gilpin counties — adopted a resolution on Dec. 4 asking the state legislature to allow towns, cities and counties to set a local minimum wage based on the local cost of living. To do that means repealing a 1999 law that gave that power to the state. read more »

Massachusetts Greens state convention with Jill Stein in Worcester Sat. 11/15

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p MA Green Rainbow Party logoFrom the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Please join us in Worcester on November 15th for the Green-Rainbow Party State Convention. You’ll have the chance to meet your Green-Rainbow Party candidates, hear our guest speakers John Rensenbrink and Jim Cutler, as well as 2012 Green presidential candidate Jill Stein, and vote for your party officers for the next year.

Read on for details:

read more »

Who will the Maine Greens endorse for Governor?

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From the Maine Green Independent Party:

The Maine Green Independent Party’s steering committee voted in 2013 not to field a candidate for Governor so that we could focus our time, resources and energy on recruiting and supporting the largest slate of legislative and municipal candidates that we’ve fielded since 2002!

We respect the individual opinions of our membership and your ability to make up your own mind about the race for governor. 

Rather than ask you to spend your time, resources, and energy outside of the Green Party, we’re asking you to focus your time, resources, and energy on electing the largest slate of legislative and municipal candidates that we’ve fielded since 2002!

We hope that you will join us in supporting our candidates for state legislature. read more »

South Carolina Green legislative nominee gets TV coverage

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As reported yesterday here at Green Party Watch, Sue Edward no longer faces a Republican nominee as that candidate, Bobby Harrell, has admitted guilt in a case involving official corruption.

WCIV, the ABC affiliate in Charleston, covered the race. As the reporter says in the piece, the Republican Party is now trying to find a way to avoid the consequences of nominating a criminal by demanding a special election instead of honoring the results of the election already scheduled. WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 – Charleston News, Sports, Weather

West Virginia Mountain Party nominates 2014 candidates

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green party earthflowerOpposition News has a detailed report on the West Virginia Mountain Party’s recent convention, including information about candidates endorsed in 2014 elections, newly elected party officers, and issue campaigns. From the article:

Sutton, WV. (ONN) The Mountain Party of West Virginia, the local affiliate of the national Green Party, just held its bi-annual State Convention. The party’s Executive Committee unanimously voted in new party leadership while approving a large slate of candidates for the upcoming November General Election. With West Virginia’s recent poisoning of its drinking water due to industrial contamination, watch for the Mountain Party Greens to score some surprise victories this year. read more »

Minnesota Green Party aims for resurgence

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p Andy DawkinsThe Minneapolis Star-Tribune published a front-page article during the 2014 Green Party US annual national meeting in St. Paul, covering the convention and the Minnesota Green Party’s current campaigns. From the article:

On the ballot is Andy Dawkins, a former DFL state representative, who is running for attorney general against three other candidates, including DFL incumbent Lori Swanson. He is the only Green Party candidate for statewide office — and the Greens’ best chance to claw itself back to relevancy.

Green Party leaders tapped Dawkins to run because as a longtime member of the Minnesota House representing St. Paul, he may be able to get enough votes to win back major party status. read more »