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Turner to run for Minnesota state legislature

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turnerRashad Turner, who ran a write-in campaign for the St. Paul, Minnesota school board this year with the endorsement of the Green Party, will run for the Minnesota state legislature in 2016.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Turner, “he lead organizer for Black Lives Matter St. Paul…said Saturday that not enough progress has been made in St. Paul’s communities of color after three terms of DFL Rep. Rena Moran representing District 65.”

Turner “has yet to accept a party endorsement in this campaign but said he is leaning toward the Green Party again.”

Green Party of Washington’s Grage discusses COP21 with Iran’s PressTV

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climatemarchGreen Party of Washington State Vice Chair Jody Grage was interviewed by Iran’s PressTV about demonstrations at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that begins Monday in Paris.

Grage said Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “will be at COP21 as well as some of the Global Greens. They are calling for very specific guidelines for countries and for the developed countries who have contributed more than their share, to also pay more than their share of what it will take to reverse this trend. … I think that the people around the world are becoming more and more determined that something has to be done. I’m a retired teacher and I used to have a banner up in my room that said: ‘Good planets are hard to find.’ And we’re not taking very good care of this one.”

Maryland Green Senate candidate Flowers urges support for local economies

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flowersMaryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers is calling on supporters to “take the Flowers for Senate ‘Rebuild Our Local Economy’ Pledge”.

Flowers is asking backers to “pledge not to vote for candidates who support union-busting legislation like so-called ‘right-to-work’ bills and the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” and “pledge to only support local businesses during your holiday shopping this year.”

Green Party councilmember joins Minneapolis protests over Clark shooting

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gordonMinnPost reports that Cam Gordon, a Green Party member of the Minneapolis city council, is among three councilmembers who have been taking part in protests over the police shooting of Jamar Clark. Gordon has faced some criticism for joining the demonstrations, but said it does not bother him. He said, “We can be supportive. We can encourage positive people to come out there and be part of the solution.”

The Green Party of Minnesota denounced police use of force against protesters at a Wednesday rally, with party spokesman Brandon Long saying, “Last night’s actions by the Minneapolis Police were entirely unacceptable. If, as Mayor Hodges is claiming, officers are exhibiting ‘maximum restraint,’ I sincerely fear for the well-being of the peaceful protesters currently occupying the precinct.” Gordon tweeted, “I am proud of the peaceful protesters tonight. You help make us all better.”

MinnPost said that tension over the shooting “spilled over into a meeting of the 13-member city council Friday,” as activists tried to get the council to amend its agenda to discuss the matter.

Stein, Cornel West to protest Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws today

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20151120-jill-n-cornel-halfpageGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will join Cornel West for an “Un-Block The Vote” rally at Georgia State University in Atlanta this afternoon at 4:00 p.m., followed by another event at Project South at 7:00 p.m.

The organizers write, “For decades, Georgia Republicans and Democrats have protected themselves against third parties with unfair laws that require 50,000 of voter signatures to place a candidate on the statewide ballot, a rule which does NOT apply to them. Without a third party on the ballot, you cannot vote for peace, or the abolition of student and consumer debt. Without a third party on the ballot there is no way to vote against gentrification or Common Core or privatization or mass incarceration. Join us and Cornel West this Friday and help us kick off the drive to get 50,000 and get Green Party 2016 presidential candidate on the ballot in Georgia.”

Progressive Neighbors now says Flowers was never invited to debate

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logo_new2In an OpEdNews piece also published on the Margaret Flowers for Senate website, Anne Meador of DC Media Group writes, “At the first debate for left-leaning candidates in the U.S. Senate race to represent Maryland, there’s no place on the stage for the most progressive candidate on the ballot.”

Green candidate Flowers “claims she’s been forced out because one of the Democratic contenders, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, is afraid that she will expose him as a creature of Wall Street.” Flowers told the sponsoring group, Progressive Neighbors, that she will “attend with or without the host’s blessing.” Flowers said, “I told them I am serious about this campaign. I want to win. I’m gonna fight to be heard in order to be elected. I’m gonna show up there whether or not I’m invited.”

Progressive Neighbors president Darian Unger “categorically denies” that either Van Hollen or the other Democratic candidate, Rep. Donna Edwards, wanted Flowers excluded. Rather, he said Flowers had not been invited in the first place. But the Flowers campaign says Flowers was invited in an October 7 email by a member of the group’s steering committee.

Update on Green Party presidential campaigns

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GreenParty2016Several Green Party presidential candidates were on the campaign trail this weekend:

  • Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry appeared at the Green Party of Ohio’s Green Candidate Recruitment Conference on Saturday in Columbus. She also appeared on Green Party Green TV, a production of the Independent Green Party of Virginia. (The episode is not yet available online.)
  • William Kreml addressed the North Carolina Green Party Fall Meeting in Huntersville on Saturday. He said he “suggested that the vice president should serve at the pleasure of the president,” and that the current way of selecting the vice president is “still a ticking time bomb in the Constitution.”
  • Jill Stein is on a four-day tour of North Carolina that continues through Tuesday. She made several stops in Asheville on Saturday and Sunday, and held a news conference there along with representatives of the state Libertarian Party to call for ballot access reform. Stein said, “The American people are clamoring for more voices and more choices.”

Green candidate Flowers uninvited from Maryland Senate debate

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flowersMaryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers says she has been uninvited from a January debate sponsored by Progressive Neighbors.

Flowers says she was told her invitation was revoked because Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, objected. Flowers said, “The reality is that because I don’t take corporate dollars, I don’t have the millions that the Democratic candidates have and I need to reach voters early to make them aware that they have a real choice. Just as I will fight for issues in the Senate, I will fight to be heard.”

Illinois Green Whitney addresses Prairie Fire Bioneers Conference

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whitneyTwo-time Illinois Green Party gubernatorial nominee Rich Whitney delivered the keynote address at the Prairie Fire Bioneers Conference at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, Friday evening.

Whitney said, “The Green Party, because we are free, we’re not prisoners of the corporate-minded thinking of the Democrats or the Republicans. We can embrace these sound public policy ideas and fight for them. I think that’s pretty huge. Also the positive side, we have our values. We have a political party based on unifying core principles and values to promote the common good.”

In 2006, Whitney received more than 361,000 votes, or 10.4% of the total, in a three-way race for governor. Four year later, he received just under 101,000 votes in a five-way race that was very close between the top two candidates.

Waterford, Connecticut, Green Party notches first win

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Waterford, CT Green Party LogoConnecticut’s New London Day reports that “two years ago, the members of the Waterford Green Party were trying to just get candidates from their party on to the town’s ballot,” but on Tuesday, “the small but determined group had successfully run a candidate for a townwide office — albeit in an uncontested race — and drummed up thousands of votes for the four candidates on the ballot.”

Local Green Party Co-Chair Joshua Kelly was elected Zoning Board of Appeals alternate. He told The Day, “We’re reaching people. It means that people want a new voice in the government. … We see ourselves at least as different from the Democrats as the Democrats are different from Republicans. We just want to make sure the conversation is being had.”

There were 14 Greens on the ballot across Connecticut Tuesday, and four were elected: Kelly, incumbent New London School Board member Mirna Martinez, and two candidates for New Canaan constable, John Amarilios and Hector Lopez.

At least 10 of 12 California Greens on ballot this week elected

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leafyg-website_0The Green Party of California announced that at least 10 of the 12 Greens or Green-endorsed candidates on the ballot across the state on Tuesday were elected. The winners were:

  • James Clay Carver, South Bay Union School District Governing Board Member (incumbent)
  • Jacob Coan, South Bay Union School District Governing Board Member (incumbent)
  • Nanette Corley, Whitehorn Resort Improvement District #1 Director (incumbent)
  • Sean Frame, Placerville Union School District Governing Board Member (incumbent)
  • Marnie Glickman, Dixie School District Governing Board Member
  • Renee Goddard, Fairfax Town Council (incumbent)
  • Avito Miranda, Shoreline Unified School District Governing Board Member
  • Deborah Rogers, Bennett Valley Fire Protection District Director
  • Chris Skyhawk, Albion/Little River Fire Protection District 3 Director (incumbent)
  • Carol Vander Meer, Manila Community Services District Director
  • Results for Green Party candidates in key races

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  • Raymond Blackwell, Syracuse, New York school board 7% (fifth place — top four elected)
  • Frank Cetera, Syracuse, New York city council 21% (three-way race)
  • Kenneth Collins, New Jersey Assembly, District 24 4% (five-way race)
  • Kristin Combs, Philadelphia city council 1% (12th place — top seven elected)
  • Trahern Crews, St. Paul, Minnesota city council 14% (two-way race)
  • Caleb Duncan, Syracuse, New York school board 6% (sixth place — top four elected)
  • Darlene Elias, Holyoke, Massachusetts city council 1,836 (10th place — top six elected)
  • Howie Hawkins, Syracuse, New York auditor 35% (two-way race)
  • Rob Korobkin, Portland, Maine city council 28% (three-way race)
  • Tom MacMillan, Portland, Maine mayor 10% (three-way race)
  • Molly O’Brien, New Jersey Assembly, District 17 3% (five-way race)
  • Rich Siegel, Bergen County, New Jersey freeholder 2% (five-way race)
  • Jeff Staples, Virginia House of Delegates, District 81 30% (two-way race)
  • Stein campaigns in Maine

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    CJ9J5jiUAAEO4RLGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein campaigned in Maine this weekend in advance of municipal elections in the state on Tuesday. WGME-TV Portland reports on its website that Stein spoke at the University of Southern Maine, saying she “supports living wages for workers, eliminating student debt and reigning in big banks.”

    Stein “said she’s not counting on winning the White House, but she’s not ruling it out. She said people don’t always vote for the candidate they like the most. Instead, they vote along party lines for someone they might consider the lesser of two evils. ‘All the reasons people were told not to stand up for what we deserve and what we believe, all those scary things, have come to pass, the expanding wars, the offshoring of our jobs, the bailouts for Wall Street,’ Dr. Stein said.”

    The full two-hour event can be viewed online. In addition, a four-minute Maine Public Broadcasting interview with Stein can be heard online.

    Maine Green Independent Party mayoral candidate Tom MacMillan is on the ballot in Portland this week.

    Portland, Maine Green mayoral candidate says media is ignoring him

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    PortlandMayor10072015-4.jpgThe Portland Phoenix writes that Maine Green Independent Party mayoral candidate Tom MacMillan “has argued that some press coverage, including the Portland Phoenix’s,” has not been treating his campaign fairly.

    Referring to a recent cover of the weekly that showed the other two candidates on the ballot, both Democrats, MacMillan said, “I’ve always liked The Phoenix, and this seems like an aberration to me. I think my candidacy should be covered as well.”

    MacMillan said he expects a strong showing on November 3 due to public resentment against what he calls the “political class.” He said, “The political class is going to be very surprised because we’re going to see a big turnout of people who aren’t in that class of people.”

    New York Green U.S. House candidate Funiciello rejects appeal to run as Democrat

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    New York’s Glen Falls Post-Star reports that Matt Funiciello, the likely Green Party candidate in the state’s 21st U.S. House District next year, has rejected a public appeal from 2014 Democratic nominee Aaron Woolf that Funiciello run as a Democrat. Woolf received 33% of the vote in the three-way race won by Republican Elise Stefanik; Funiciello received 11% of the vote.

    Woolf says that Funiciello’s 2014 candidacy, like Sen. Bernie Sanders’s current presidential run, “generated attention and participation, and now Funiciello has the chance to follow Sanders’ example and bring that energy to a more prominent stage — one with the real possibility of advancement — by seeking the 2016 Democratic line as well.”

    But Funiciello said, “I don’t have any intention of playing that game. … Simply put, I am a Green. Not a Democrat. I do not accept corporate donations nor will I work within a party that does. I consider myself a principled working class candidate and running as a Democrat or a Republican would be the worst kind of betrayal of all the wonderfully brave souls who joined with me last year in stating very clearly that corporate money needs to be eradicated from our political process and we know it and are willing to vote accordingly.”