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  1. What are Rosa Clemente’s views on abortion, climate change, economy, education, energy, health care, immigration, and war?

  2. Taking a stab here…

    abortion – pro-choice
    energy – green renewable energy & green collar jobs
    health care – universal single payer health care
    immigration – for it
    war – against it

  3. thank you so much

  4. I would like to know where do McKinney / Clemente stand on homeless Katrina survivors in Georgia after 3-years.

  5. I called the FBI office in Little Rock,Arkansas to inquire as to why the alleged murderer and rapist of television news anchor is not being charged with a hate crime. Anna Presley is a white blonde haired female. Her alleged murderer and rapist, Curtis Vance is a black male whose DNA was found on another white blonde haired female in Marianna, Arkansas who was also raped in April 2008.
    The FBI’s response is that it is not a hate crime when a black targets a white.
    I have contacted Senator Lincoln and Pryor as well as Congressman Snyder. Their office staff said I would be contacted about why it is not a hate crime to target whites but I am still waiting after several months.
    My state senator agreed with me but said it would be political suicide.
    The black male rape on white female victim statistics are appalling. it is almost epidemic. While the statistics of white males raping back females is almost minute.
    I would like your input.
    The reason I have asked you from different crisis centers throughout Arkansas is because some people seem to ignore the problem.
    Most of the white women who are raped by black men are targeted because of their race.
    The Democrats and the Republicans do not want to do what it takes to protect some of its citizens. I am hoping that the Green Party can go beyond politics. Please pass this note along to th Green Party leaders in Arkansas. I cannot find their website.

    Stephen Lewis
    1908 Scott Street
    Conway, Arkansas

  6. Steven,

    I am not a lawyer, and don’t play one on TV, but I do want to try to respond as best I can.

    As I understand it, a hate crime must be motivated by hate, typically based on race or ethnicity, perceived sexual orientation, religion or other similar characteristics.

    If the accused rapist and murderer was not motivated by hatred, he can’t be prosecuted for a hate crime. It is entirely possible that the accused hates white women, but unless that can be established it would be difficult to prove a hate crime.

    All that said, I am reminded of Malcolm X’s statement that white men are worried that black men want their women, when what they really want are white men’s jobs.

    I have sent your comments here to the Arkansas GP’s contact person.

  7. OK here’s the thing… I have been interested in the Green Party for a long time. I voted for Cynthia despite the ridicule of my fiercely Democratic family. I have tried numerous times thru e-mail and by phone to contact the party and express interest in becoming active but have received no response. I think maybe there are other wanna be Greens out there who have experienced this also. Would someone please contact me at and let me know if there are meetings or events in my area? Listen-this place (Placerville CA) is stuck in the right wing dark ages…if there is anywhere enlightenment is needed it is here!


    David F.M. Jackson

  8. Thanks for running Jack. I would like to unseat Jeff stone Hemet-Ryan Airport commissioner , but as you know I have barley any buffaloes to run. The commissioner spot with open in March for primary. Hopefully there will not be nine CNG power plants and general aviation along with the gliders kicked out.
    A disabled retired veteran who is a green.

  9. what a joke. listen , do you hear everyone laughing at this so called green party?

  10. Now that Jack Murtha has passed. Who is the GREEN for that vacant seat? Let us get our GREEN PENNSYLVANIA going.

  11. I wish your party & I would like to join with you!

  12. I would like to be able to enable everyone to know who you are, Most of the people I speak to regarding your running for the presidency have not heard of you. Please advise what I can do to get most of the voting citizens to hear about you and realize that they do have a choices I so recently found out. Most of the people are as disgusted with Mr. Obama and are terrified to vote for Mr. Romney. If we can do something to get your name out there and people come to know more about you and your plans for our Country, I think it could become a tremendous booost for all the people who don’t like either of the above mentioned candidates running. I feel that at least most of the intelligent voters would be thrilled to know they had a really good choice. Please understand that I am not well and live on a very small social security check each month. I can, however, do whatever it will take to get you known and voted in. Thank you for considering me to help you win this otherwise hopeless election.


  14. dear mrs.stein,
    i go to our lady of divine providence and me and my friends would love to meet you. If you could come one day soon i would love that you can just email!!! please respond

  15. hello Im just wondering will there be a green party person I can vote for in next months election I want to vote for a green party canidate as I dont think the democrats or republicans have our country in its best interest please get back to me when youcan ,Thank You,,J V “Nick” Nichols,DC1,U S Coast Guard,(RET)

  16. I am writing from Hastings, England. I tuned into Jill Stein’s TV attempt at the weekend, to get Americans to vote for her. I rang the contact number to speak to her simply because she mentioned what goes on, trader wise. As in selling stock, euros, bonds etc, whilst at the same time, betting bear…on them? I can guarantee the American masses, like those here, have no concept of what’s going on…financially. I watched the debate between Pres. Obama and Romney. Neither mentioned the most deadly instrument of modern times , when, in the not too distant future, could cause chaos, globally. Digital, instant, movement of $trillions, so complex and un controllable, the world’s greatest brains can’t trace multi trillion trans- veins.
    The words Obama spoke at the debate that held most warning, were that even the traders whom gambled $trillions, didn’t and don’t, understand what takes place. Later on, after the debate, there was a News report, saying Kraft shares had gone up by 30%. A Mistake! Seemingly a touch of a button caused it.
    Finally. The Republican power force must be in panic mode? Romney might, by default, take them into the White House? The fact is, no human on Earth can sort out what the digital age has sent mankind into. $Trillions of trades, per second. Hedge funds. Private equity. Soverein funds….have the means to gamble…by the second…$trillions.
    I have written…Mammoth Cover up Of the Mammons. No-one will publish because it explains, to the man in the street, what has…and is… control of the globe. Certainly not any politician…..even be them a President?………T Ruth

  17. I see my contribution to this page, was the last. The irony is, the message I tried to get across is the fact that no political head of state has power over the masses lives. That’s ben taken over by two digets….zero and one. Why ironic? Today, here in Britain, two banks had zero and one…..GLITCHES, leaving their card holding zero and one customers, with no means of getting any money.
    The digital system…globally…reliies on liquiidity? If, for any reason the demand on liquidity (money) exceeds what is in the bank, the computers handling the equation stop any cash going out. A radio phone-in here, described a line of customers inside a branch trying to get some liqidity…and one cashier writing down their card details and then allowing them a small amount of…liquidity.
    Said banks now state the GLITCH has been sorted and the digital card users will be able to use them….again! Those whom gave out the re-assuring report never mention…LIQUIDITY….or the temporary lack of it?
    But that’s not surprising. They never spoke about the lack of liquidity before banks on your side of the pond, and mine, ran out of it in $billions. And this will make you smile? The simple reason is…digital zero and one, doesn’t tell THEM
    (as in 2008) until it has GONE! I kid you….none?……………..T Ruth,

  18. Where are the Green voices in the national discussion on gun control? Can we join our brothers and sisters of the two other major parties and positively effect the security and well being of other citizens?

  19. Pat LaMarche interview with Joe Arpaio

    your link is broken, to read the full story from

  20. Here in New Jersey Governor Christie plans to replace our 2 Nuclear Plants with Natural Gas burning plants. Since the 2 Nuclear Plants Provide 50% of all electrical energy in New Jersey Chris Christy is creating a Global Warming Nightmare that will help produce hurricanes even bigger and deadlier than Hurricane Sandy ! We need to require all States to replace Nuclear Power with GREEN ENERGY ! We need referendums in all States planning to replace Nuclear Plants now !

    Howard Scott Pearlman

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